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Our general email for all support, sales and activation enquiries is arianestudios@aol.com

Why use AOL? We use a very secure email method supplied by AOL Business.  We do not use AOL bearing in mind any concerns that it might seem unprofessional at all. Exactly the oppostite. The reason we use AOL is  because its address is non-traceable by hackers. Were we to use any PC email service it would be possible for anyone to locate our server and our files and possibly in some cases, violate our desire to protect our customers information as well as the security of our products. We trust people will understand our reasons for using AOL in this way and respect our judgement with regards to the desire that it is so that their private information is kept that way and is not made openly accessible to anyone.

Who are we?

Ariane is the leading developer of Boeing 737 Advanced Flight Simulation Products.
For many years, Ariane has been carving a niche in the new and growing world of Transition Level Simulation.* All of our work is built using the best, and most advanced specification, cutting-edge technology software adevelopment as well as hardware to delivery our mission-critical products to members of the public; at home or in business, flying for fun or for a career.

Our Transition Level Simulation Software aims to fulfil the requirements of Familiarisation and Procedure-level training and to be fun to experience.

For many, flying is a way of life and represents a vision for the future, as a career or a pastime. For us, software development is aimed at helping everyone to fulfil and service the dream of flight.

* Transition Level Simulation is a term we have conceived to describe a category of flight simulation software that bridges the training sector between FAA certification and simulation. Please see our home page for more information.

Product Purchasing & Support Enquiries

To support you and your purchase we have a number of options available.

1   Our manuals are designed to answer all questions about installation and activation, the manuals that ship and are downloadable also cover a quick flight and go through a very detailed tutorial. Please read the manuals first before you contact any staff. We do have to advise all customers that support staff will politely advise them to read manuals if the answer they ask our support staff can be found in a manual or can be better answered by reading a manual.

2   Our forum has many technicians and support staff willing to answer questions in French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian. Pleasee log in and search for the question or information you need. FOrum hours are 24 hours seven days a week excluding some public holidays and admin days.

3   Our email as a final option, is tghere to answer specific questions about all of our products but is not available if the answer is covered in our manual or on our forum.

Our email service is fully supported but mainly has been replaced with part time support staff using AOL's secure business, online email service.
Support hours via email have to be limited to between 0800-1600 hours GMT excluding public holidays and admin days.

Online Store
Please visit the online Ariane Store to purchase hardware and software. We are looking at a phone line to offer purchase/s via a secure line by phone.

Retail Stores
Products are planned to be sold by a number of stores and we are talking to several new retail outlets about special products and editions. Please see our news page for more information.

Sales Support
You can check the order or shipment status of a current online CD/DVD version order by clicking on MY BASKET. We regret that we cannot make changes to orders that have already shipped.

Become a Reseller, Business Agent or Franchisee or Authorised Resellers
Join Ariane and become a reseller, business agent, or Franchisee. We have a number of positions available for people who would like to join our expanding world base. Please contact us by email if you are interested.

Online Technical Support
Visit Ariane's support site for quick answers, tutorials, self-help guides and in-depth technical articles and discussions regarding our products. The site is run by a private pilot who is in training for his Boeing 737 rating.

Phone, Retail Store, Technical Support
Find out how to get technical support if you have purchased a retail edition of our products by checking our news and knowledge base.

Learn about Your Support Coverage
Learn about other support options available to you by checking our support page regularly.