Ariane began designing aircraft for flight simulation for over a decade.
From its busy offices and development studios, based around the world from the USA to Europe, Ariane employs over 22 staff and helpers. Ariane  also has a successful long list of 'firsts' with  technology (and while Ariane is always first with its innovations, others follow, inspired by the good work that we bring to the world of simulated flight).
A number of training establishments have asked Ariane to develop software applications for their training requirements and in 2004, even Boeing procured the work that we pioneered on the Boeing 737 Series for research and simulation development.
Ariane is a long standing partner of many organizations, not to mention the recognition it has gained from Boeing themselves and from companies like CFM, along with many airlines.
Ariane is a very experienced developer of software product in the world of desktop simulation and has always been proud to call its customers its partners.
Looking toward the future, Ariane hopes to continue to bring everyone what it will always be known for and where many eventually come to the Home of Advanced Simulation.