BOEING 737 Airline Packs - A New Era

Following decisions to consolidate and change the way we supply and support Boeing 737 flying pilots across the Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800 and Boeing 737-700er range, an all new and comprehensive range of Airline Expansion Packs are now available with more to come.

Our intention has always been to introduce a new and higher standard in airline liveries than we have in the past and also to engage in and offer 'hub' support for pilots who wish to cover every aspect of airline operation with everything from new route training and mission-critical tasking or planning that a new (or more defined route) might involve. (Watch out for the new HUB section on our navigation menus).

There will be two concepts in the new world of Airline Packs. One concept will center around a series of what we call the 'Special Edition' Packs which will feature a range of aircraft, diverse and different as each carrier and country determines. The other, a new range called HUB Packs, will concentrate on one airline (such as the huge diversity of paints that Southwest has) and offer a range of flights, charts and other tools to complete an entire airlines flight repertoire.

These will be a lot more detailed and involved than ever before and will be designed to cater for the discerning specialist who knows his Boeing 737 airline very well with all its various details. Details that will be replicated not only on the outside of the aircraft but also on the inside! With every galley logo, attendant station warning sign and cockpit reminder as examples). HUB Packs will appeal to real pilots who like to fly our aircraft at home exactly the way many of them fly the real, Boeing 737 aircraft during their day jobs.

Following the release of the Special Edition Packs and the HUB Packs there will be an announcement of even further support for pilots whose aim it is to fly their chosen airline in some areas that require even more intense and complex pre-planning and pre-determination of certain conditions. Watch this space.

The range that we are currently finalising, encompasses the biggest and most diverse livery range ever completed by any developer. The number of finished airline paints and depictions is expected already to amount to almost 500 individual aircraft, making it the largest range of airlines ever made.

We hope to bring the first of the releases to support FSX pilots as well as supporting FS9 pilots who have decided to stick with FS9 at the end of Q3 (as reported on our front page). We look forward to further supporting everyone with these new creations and ask people to check back here from time to time to see the progress. We would like to thank everyone for their good patience while we finish them, flight test their new engines and then roll them out.

Here are the current range of packs that are in various stages of completion:-

Special Edition Packs - FS9

Special Edition Packs - FSX

HUB Packs - FS9
HUB Packs - FSX