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Although NDM has been delayed due to the tools required to make it the interface intended, it has slowly been transformed more into the program that we have l...
last modification date: 7 June 2011

New Boeing 737-C40 Project Rolls Out
Pictured Above: 836 adjusts heading en-route to base. The extended wing structure and new root to wing underside can be seen in this shot with additional wing decals and under-engine CFM56-7 ...
last modification date: 30 May 2011

New Global Service Pack Features
Global Service Pack for the Boeing 737 Series X2 - X2.9.
The GSP is a huge overhaul that took Ariane's developers 9 months to realize. In addition, it adds many new features (li...
last modification date: 20 May 2011

Xmas Holidays
Please note that we will be be offering limited support during the holidays so that our staff can see their families and have some much needed time off.

Activation for ...
last modification date: 24 December 2010

New Airline Packs & Hub Concept
Supporting Boeing 737 pilots across the Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800, Boeing 737-700er and Boeing 737-900er Series, an all new and comprehensive range of Airline Expansion Packs offers even ...
last modification date: 16 November 2010

Ariane Pioneers EGPWS Terrain System
Continued from front page... EGPWS or Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System is a system designed to alert pilots if their aircraft is in immediate danger of flying into ground-based obstr...
last modification date: 19 June 2010

New Version 700ER
Continued from front page. The new Boeing 737-700ER represents the most advanced, most detailed and most ambitious of Ariane's projects to date. Following the success with the work on the 900...
last modification date: 12 June 2010

Ariane Develops new EFIS Compact Display
Continued from front page ... The EFIS Compact Display System is a development moving toward something of a 'whole cockpit' concept that Ariane has been working toward for a ...
last modification date: 1 June 2010

Boeing 737-700 X2 Advanced Released
Continued from front page... Simulation Technology Group; Ariane today released its Boeing 737-700 X2. The first two aircraft due to roll out of the production line are included as one packag...
last modification date: 1 June 2010

Boeing 737-800 X2 ...
continued from front page ... The new Boeing 737-800 Base Pack features two optional engine sound sets + over 1500 sound assignments for every switch and system on the world's most adva...
last modification date: 1 June 2010

Boeing 737-800 X2 Airline Expansion Packs
Continued from front page ... Additionally, designer seating and facings come in a range of different colors and styles from Captain to First Officer Seats, Galley Carpets in airline styles a...
last modification date: 1 June 2010

New Update for FSX Deluxe Users
A new update has been released for users of the Deluxe Version of FSX.
A small number of users have been reporting issues with their panels and displays in the Boeing 737 X2 Se...
last modification date: 25 February 2010

New Notams feature for customers

NOTAMS is a new feature that we have put into place to keep everyone informed. The idea will be to release information to update any issues as they happen. (No...
last modification date: 20 May 2009

New X2 900 ERX + New X2 Airline Pack

last modification date: 4 October 2008

New SP1 for Boeing 737-900er X
Please see the DOWNLOAD page for more information about SP1. A PDF is available to download with a complete spec. on the service pack.
last modification date: 18 September 2008

New Boeing 737 Series - Upgrade Packs Released
Continued from our front page ... This feature has been designed to offer professional crews further planning and challenging flight routing abilities.

Using advanced pi...
last modification date: 25 March 2008

Avionic Online French Podcast

Vive La PODCASTING ... we suggest that fans and pilots of all things Francais in the world of FS flight and technology take a look at the work of quality French ...
last modification date: 2 February 2008

New Native 900 ER X Version

last modification date: 11 December 2007

News From the Hangar - A New Level

Continued from our front page... It was from this advanced set of logic and code that interested Boeing that aa new development that was to focus purely on a virtual cockpit environme...
last modification date: 26 November 2007

Project X News - Boeing 737-900ER
continued from our front page... Sporting a new identity and branded with the Microsoft Flight SImulator 'X' logo style a range of all-new packaging and printed items have also been desi...
last modification date: 26 November 2007

New Horizons New Directions

continued from our front page... With one vision firmly in mind, our mission will be to continue to offer innovation as standard and to seek a level of exellence in all we do. Be it Qualit...
last modification date: 26 November 2007