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Complex modeled MCP units can be switched while in flight, from Honeywell Systems to Collins Versions.

Screen Shot Information.
Comments: "They're retouched." "They're 3d renders." "They're made in a photo shop". "Too sharp and detailed to work in FSX" ...
hese are some of the comments we have been receiving about our screen shots. 
The answers to all of the comments is 'none of the above'.
The fact is that all of the screenshots were taken using standard screen capture software running on a 3.2 ghz P4 laptop (yes, a mere P4 laptop - it runs FSX at around 16-20 FPS at 1440 x 900 pixels - 32 bit wide screen). We then crop the shots using a photo studio program and do not alter them at all. We add an unsharp mask to remove the artefacts caused by jpg compresssion. Nothing else.

More native version FSX Boeing 737 pictures coming soon ...