General Terms & Conditions

General Site Conditions
By visiting this site and clicking on any e-mail buttons requesting that you give your e-mail address or the address of a nominated third party you agree the following:
That the e-mail you nominate will be used as an e-mail address to which our newsletter will be sent.
That we reserve the right to use this information to send you other offers from our partner sites from time to time.
This does not affect your statutory rights - your data will not be used in violation of standard codes or protection acts in force on the internet and generally recognised by this and other companies as such for the protection of private data.
Sending a newsletter to you under these terms does not consitute a "SPAM ISSUE" or "SPAM OFFENCE" and by your clicking on any 'e-mail button' that asks for your e-mail address of the address of a nominated third party you agree that receipt of any mail from us or our partners does not constitute a SPAM MAIL offence.

*** Please note that some release dates may be subject to change - we reserve the right to update elements of the software and the product & pages of this website and other details at our discretion.

Commercial Use - Training and Leisure
Our terms cover the sale of all products on this website. The software can only be used on one PC only, per license and for non-commercial reasons. ('Non Commercial' means any use at home, for game-type purposes only). If you are a business or a simulation company (even if you are a pilot or training to become a pilot using our software) then you are classed as a 'commercial user' and you need a commercial end user license agreement [CUELA].
If you run a business (or plan to run a business) or are related to a business that has a commercial link of any kind directly or indirectly related to flight or simulation or cockpits or you are planning to build or design a product for use in that area or any related area and especially if you charge money then you are classed as using it 'for commercial reasons' and you need to contact us to buy a license for that reason also.

Regarding all and any software being sold by us you cannot use and do not have the authority to use any of the products that you buy on this website for any commercial reasons whatsoever. There are no exceptions to this rule. 'Commercial Reasons' includes and is not limited to the use of our product in any simulation whether desktop laptop or home cockpit any built cockpit or trainer of any type and where the product is being used and whether you are charging any fees or not. Using our product or parts of our product (or ideas or excerpts from it) or lines of code or lines of configuration files or ini or gau or any/or other tabular files and/or any data associated with those files in any cockpit or situation that has any relation to any training or even for 'fun' or leisure outlet/s or leisure activity/s without our permission is highly illegal (and we will send people out to simulators and cockpits that are built commercially to check if our content is being used).

All non-leisure use is classed as Commercial' and you need to purchase a CUELA-COMMERCIAL LICENSE TYPE Q for this purpose.

Please email us on for further details).


General Terms and Conditions of Sale
Any customers ordering products from this site are advised that all users are given notice and that they hereby understand that by clicking on any and all buttons on the website to order goods and by subsequently ordering product/s that such action is considered a transaction agreement between the site user and the company and that all products ordered come under the strict terms of our warranty (EULA) and that they are ordered as per the terms of our license agreement and warranty that comes with each product ordered as downloaded (or on CD) and when installed that following the pressing of the NEXT or AGREEMENT button to install the product that the user (you) agree to be bound by such terms wholly. Customers dissatisfied with any product ordered as to discrepancy in terms of its content to the content described in its sale (eg: assumption that it contains something it does not) will NOT be refunded. Refunds are not allowed and neither are they given on downloaded goods. CD ordering customers MUST notify us within 24 hours should a certain element or elements of the product not be to their entire satisfaction (even with regard to during the download). No refunds will be given for sale of PC goods online. (A number of stores now state this as a policy right where refunds are not given on PC goods at all due to the increased amount of 'copy and return' and piracy) In the case of user error and/or as a result of not reading instructions or specifications or sales information properly or for setting up software incorrectly or as advised or as pointed out as per manuals on web sites users are advised to read all documentation. No refunds will be given for software that conflicts with other software or to users who have non-standard drive configuration/s; we cannot be held responsible for non-standard drive setups or network drive setups due to security issues reacting with firewall security configurations. Users who disassemble any software or parts of our software for use with other programs or gauges will be prosecuted for criminal damage and criminal proceedings will be taken. No refunds will be given as a result of users not reading the specifications of the products or realising that the products are not what they expected. Some products are not fully compatible with Win 2000 - please contact us if you are not sure about compatibility with this system. Credit will no longer be offered under the circumstances above. As a company, we reserve the right to charge for support from time to time and by downloading and installing the product you both agree to such support and to the charges we have to make in order to cover the cost of the administration from Trechnical Support especially where an answer can be gleaned from a manual, our FAQ or our forum. If you do not agree to any of our terms then you should not purchase the product. We do not allow refunds for reasons already stated and you also agree that you will not have any right/s to a refund for a license you have had the benefit of for hours, days, months or years of use no matter the circumstances. With regards to activation, each customer will be provided with one key per product licensed to them. If a customer has purchase at least three base products (these are the main products to operate the aircraft in question and not any other) then we withold the right to issue a new key without charge depending on the requestor or his/her circumstances. The product or product is not sold to the customer for any reason or under any circumstances regarding its transfer (See TRANSFER OF RIGHTS) and the issueance of a key is a matter for support or administration to decide should a new key or new activcation is issued. If a customer is deemed to be a multiple user and on that basis one who regualrly decides to refomat or update hardware on a PC then we withold the right to cover our costs for such a decision and ask for a fee to be paid to  cover such repetitive activity. The decision of our Administration Departments or Support Departments to release a key based on a customers history or circumstances is final and binding as part of our terms and a customer hereby agrees to such terms.

Note: Christmas Offer/s are limited to TWO AIRLINE EXPANSION PACKS PER CUSTOMER WHEN AVAILABLE. This offer applies to all packs on all SINGLE BASE PACK Boeings either Classic or Next Generation and does not apply to any Special Edition Packs or Promotions.

Transfer of Rights
Rights on products or license to customers CANNOT be transferred from one customer to the other due to restrictions in the security activation process. We do NOT support transfer of rights on products or orders. YOU CANNOT SELL OUR PRODUCTS AT BOOT SALES OR ONLINE OR TO FRIENDS OR TO ANYONE FOR THAT MATTER - AS WITH ALL SOFTWARE YOU DO NOT OWN THE PRODUCT - YOU BUY A LICENCE. If customers order a product for a friend or colleague or buy a product as a present we suggest that the name that is used on the ORDER PAGE or BUY SECTION is that of the recipient of the present and that the email that is used is the email of the recipient (the person the present is being bought for). We will only allow ONE activation in all isntances of this nature at all times.

A rebate is only given as advertised or offered and during the offer period only. A rebate offer clearly and fairly applies to users who have paid the FULL PRICE for the product/s to which the rebate applies. Rebates will not be given, made or applied to customers accounts who have received refunds or rebates on previously purchased products relevant and related to the rebate offer and to which a refund or rebate has been applied. In the case of multiple license purchase/s, a rebate will be given provided the rebateable item is made known to Ariane with and after the new purchase to which the rebate is related and relevant and during the offer period only. Rebates are usually applied same day and customers are informed with a World Pay receipt as proof of the rebate having taken place. This note does not affect your statutory rights.

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