VIP Bespoke Service

VIP Bespoke Service
VIP Bespoke Livery Service for FSX

VIP Bespoke Service

The VIP Bespoke Service is a new livery concept for the discerning FSX flight simulator pilot. For those who take their flying seriously but would like to fly a one-off paint scheme that is either of their own design, or one that they choose for our talented studios to design, it is up to the discerning buyer.

The service allows any discerning, VIP pilot to have our professional design studios design and produce their own, one-off livery exclusively and only for themselves. Working with our sister project team producing VIP designs around the world for VIP customers, for those who would like to fly as an individual and with something unique and available nowhere else in the world this is the service for them.

The bespoke VIP design service and team is at the disposal of the customer.
For those VIP individuals who prefer to fly with their own unique images or designs or have us design a unique and artistic solution themselves or, for those who choose, to have the paint scheme of their airline or local carrier painted and created especially and placed onto any one of our range of Boeing 737 aircraft. Ask our studios to paint United Airlines onto the 900ER, or to make up the old 'BA World Tails' again and apply one onto a British Airways 700 (or ask us to paint a picture scheme onto the side of a 900ER and add your own family logo or picture). Anything you wish for can be painted. The choice is yours. Our studios are ' yours for the duration.'

As a VIP customer, you have the choice to paint the aircraft in the scheme you choose and to fly it in FSX the way you would like it to be seen.

How does it work?
You tell us what you would like to see on and in your aircraft and brief us on every stage of the build from the colours of the seats on the flight deck and to the layout and model as your canvas.

The choice is truly yours. Choose from a comprehensive range of suites and colours, textile effects and materials. Use your company branding and corporate identity as the backdrop for one of the most spectacular and unique designs.

Using our experience and our advanced technology we are able to create for you an exceptional model with additional modules included. The  advanced and comprehensive flight deck, aircraft and sound choice for professional and training pilots now encompasses the VIP pilot in a new and exclusive way using your design/s.

Included as part of the package is the product in its own box, signed by the artist and a unique print (also signed) to place on your wall to show friends and family your unique aircraft and its design.

We will illustrate anything. Experiment as you will. As our bespoke client the choice is yours.

First, purchase your VIP Appointment Ticket by pressing the 'Add to Basket' button.
Next send an email to with the ORDER ID in the subject header to confirm and send us your brief or ask us in the mail to assist you with the questionnaire.

We will respond with our suggestions based on your design and then tell you how to send us any pictures or images you have or discuss how we may obtain them securely and safely. We then design the initial roughs for you to approve and we send you the rough designs to check and to fly. On approval we then complete the idea and send the pack detailed below to you with your unique design on the cover and your unique framed print.

This is one VIP service in a lifetime and will be worth a lifetime of memories to come.


AIRCRAFT: Software Version X2 Comprehensive, Scale-Accurate Aircraft with over 200 enhanced animations & effects * points with fast, frame-rate performance in FSX (sample rate: 16-23 P4 to 34-46 fps average=dual core models) - Source: PQ4 Systems).

Leading Software Aircraft Design with shape approved to Boeing specifications and plans. with optimised poly points and logic engine for fast frame rate performance. (34-64 fps - Source: PQ4 Systems).

FLIGHT DECK: Software Version X2 Advanced Logic.
3d-modeled Scale-Accurate familiarisation-level & procedural-level Virtual & Interactive Flight Deck with over 750 working events and calls and working controls system linked to logical cross referencing, system modules.

FMC - over 40 pages of comprehensive data with LOAD/SAVE and CO ROUTE.
FMCS - advanced logical control of the flight deck environment.
MCP - Designed and Built to Boeing CBT Spec at an all-working competent level.
IRS - Fully working IRS System with manual setting and auto logic.
PFD - Adjustable Displays with management and user-adjust logic control.

- over 750 multiple and working, sound-equipped, 3d-modeled VC systems and layouts, switches, events, knobs, buttons and push systems with flip covers, sliding animations, HIDE for yoke and seat (for large montior users) and more... (see our spec pages).

FLIGHT MODEL: Aircraft FDx: 3 part, FDx Flight Model Technology developed from approved statistical and tabular Boeing Data and designed to emulate the accurate Boeing 737 handling envelope. World Famous Aircraft FDx Flight Model Technology ensures optimum flight envelope of flight within required performance minima as endorsed by leading Boeing 737 and training pilots as well as home cockpit fans around the world.

ADVANCED CFM567b SOUND & FDx PACKAGE. Sound recorded both on board in the flight deck area and outside the exterior of the Boeing 737 aircraft from different spatial points from engine nexus to blast safe areas across CMI CFM engine variant range using sophisticated, advanced recording equipment and mixing and editing (high-level, professional, 44hz min. spec. mixed output compressed for smaller footprint and to optimise FSX sound engine and command).

The engine sounds on this model produce an exceptionally realistic and high quality, stereo-processed, full sound - the quality sound of choice for home cockpit builders worldwide.

MANUALS: Installation, Flight Reference Guide & Quick Start & Flight Training Guides to take pilots from ramp starts to complete flight routing.

BOX LIMITED EDITION: The box includes your unique and specially designed VIP livery and a special edition and signed, frame ready print.

Also included are:

Landing Data and Approach Data Cards
Boeing 737 Checklists and Data.
Boeing 737 Flight Reference Data and Additional Statistical Information.



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