Boeing 737-BBJ1 Box Version

Boeing 737-BBJ1 Box Version

Advanced Boeing 737-BBJ1 Simulation  - Box Edition.
Two Options: Select the Single Aircraft Edition for Single Ops Use.
The Special Edition Version for a selection of VVIP aircraft in their original liveries:

C6-TTB - N129QS - N313P - N737 WH - BBJ-N737BZ Demonstrator - BBJ N737BZ New Boeing BBJ BCA Roll Out Scheme - N737ER - VP BRT

Also included with the package are a number of material items printed on high-grade, high quality paper using a quality digital press. The items included in the box edition are:

1   Printed landing data  - 2   Quick reference checklists covering: - 3   Before Start Checklist - 4   After Start Checklist - 5   Taxi Checklist - 6   Before Take Off Checklist - 7   After Take off Checklist - 8   Descent Checklist - 9   In Range Checklist - 10   Approach Checklist - 11   Landing Checklist - 12   Parking Checklist - 13   Terminal Checklist - 14   Descent Chart - 15   Flap Retraction Chart - 16   Flap Speed Chart and Landing Data  (Landing Data  are utilised by crew and require copying and filling in of data for each flight).

AIRCRAFT: Software Version 3.5. 1:1 Scale-Accurate Aircraft with over 120 enhanced animations & effects; very fast, frame-rate performance (eg: 34-46 fps average - Source: PQ4 Systems) includes new decal technology (this is a new technology developed for and used in FSX to create individual windows with greater detail) and an extended fuselage section with animations for the office, lounge, bedroom and office areas including animated laptops and digital screens, interactive chairs and securable doors and entries.

FLIGHT DECK: Software Version 3.5. 3d-modeled Scale-Accurate familiarisation-level & procedural-level Virtual & Interactive Flight Deck with over 100 working controls and systems with added extended range functions and systems; new fuel cell structure with fuel cells. Extended 8 cell designed for long flights; eg: 12 hour flight from Seattle to Riyadh (tested and confirmed range and fuel use).

FLIGHT MODEL: Aircraft FDx: 3 part, FDx Flight Model Technology developed from approved statistical and tabular Boeing Data for the BBJ1 and designed to emulate accurate Boeing 737-BBJ1 extended range handling and as approved by a Boeing BBJ Engineer consulted during the length of the BBJ1 project development.

ADVANCED CFM567b SOUND & FDx PACKAGE. Sound recorded both on board and outside the exterior of the Boeing 737 aircraft across each engine variant ranges using sophisticated, advanced recording equipment (high-level, professional, 44hz min. spec. mixed output is included in the advanced Box Edition) to produce a high quality, stereo-processed, full sound - the quality sound of choice for home cockpit builders worldwide.

MANUALS: Installation, Flight Reference Guide & Quick Start & Tutorial.

* Footnote: Type of poster will be relevant to aircraft where stocks allow - if stock is depleted a stock item from another range may be included to ensure order shipment.

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