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The ultimate package for Captains dedicated to flying RYANAIR AIRLINES and its current flight operations [OPS] with all the documents needed for ulitmate realism.

OPS is a new concept that Ariane came up with to provide concurrent (and training) Boeing 737 700/800/900er pilots with the opportunity to be able to take on the challenge of flying even more realistic flight operations with the leading world's airlines using the Boeing 737-700, Boeing 737-800 or Boeing 737-900er.

This unique, new package includes three formidable sections.


Every document is in PRINT ENABLED FORMATS (PDF) from the Airline Flight Operations Book along with all the charts needed to fly IFR Flights such as: IFR Filing Forms, Approach Cards, Planning Charts etc. as well as (where permitted) Airport Diagrams and Approach Plates included SID and STAR and AIRPORT CHARTS (and yes, the FMC plans and the document packs will also work with any other aircraft type or series as well as work with FSX and FS2004).

The World of Airline Operations in Your Hands
To enable the most realistic operations possible, a complete set of the airlines liveries are included in the pack dating from the day the airline may have flown with its delivery version/s right through those older or even revival and retro schemes to up to date, current flying versions (with variants, illustrated or promotional, as well as one-off editions including photo and art variants).

Complete Livery Options included in this package:

Ryanair - 737-800 - Cable and Wireless Blue Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Frankfurt Hahn Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Old Retro Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Current (Newest) Livery Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - BCA 'Dreamliner' Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Bye Bye LateHansa Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Bye Bye Easyjet Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Costa Brava Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Costa Daurada Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - City of Nykoping Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - LLeida Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Comunitat Valenciana Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Yes to Europe Scheme
Ryanair - 737-800 - Fuerteventura Scheme

Printable PDF Format Documents included in this package
All of the paperwork and documentation a virtual, Ryanair Captain might need for his flight career is included in this pack such as:

Ryanair Flight Operations Manual - Detailed and Comprehensive OPS Manual
Ryanair Load Sheet
Ryanair Base OPS Landing Data Card
Ryanair Navigation Log
Ryanair Fuel Record
Ryanair APP Data
Ryanair FMC Trip Data Log
Ryanair Crew Ops Trip Fuel
Ryanair Crew Ops Time Reference / Fuel Required / Adjustments
Ryanair Crew Ops Ground to Air Miles Conversion
Ryanair Crew Ops Holding Planning
Ryanair New Boeing 737 Checklists Card

Printable Airport Charts full sets included for each airport flown from and in some cases also to, will be provided for in folder sections where possible. ***

FMC-Ready to Load Flight Plans in this package:
These FMC Flights come ready-to-load into the FMC. Simply press the advanced CO-ROUTE button on the FMC., navigate to the RYANAIR FLIGHT OPS folder and decide where you are flying your passengers today! Everything has been taken care of, including where relevant, diversions and extensions to the SFP!

In this package are the following flights:

London Gatwick to Alicante
London Gatwick to Cork
London Gatwick to Madrid
London Gatwick to Oslo
London Gatwick to Rome Ciampino
London Gatwick to Stockholm Skavsta

London Luton to Barcelona
London Luton to Bratislava
London Luton to Fuerteventura
London Luton to Gran Canaria
London Luton to Tenerife

London Stansted to Salzburg
London Stansted to Berlin
London Stansted to Frankfurt
London Stansted to Venice Marco Polo
London Stansted to Malaga

Manchester to Dublin
Manchester to Faro
Manchester to Madrid
Manchester to Palma
Manchester to Tenerife

The following charts (where permitted and where possible).*

SID Charts
STAR Charts
Approach Charts
Departure Charts
VOR and NDB Approach Charts
Airport Charts
Taxi Charts

The package also includes a PRINT-&-COLLECT booklet that can be filed directly into our Boeing Binders (Binders can be purchased separately from the OPS Section of this website although box versions of this product may come with some or all the printed parts required. As each package is released the complete set is intended to form a complete AIRLINE HUBS OF THE WORLD package.


Every Boeing 737 Airline Expansion Pack in this SPECIAL AIRLINE SERIES features the airlines schemes chosen for their popularity and content. Each livery is also represented in either the classic older type or the current and new versions. Each set contains a selection of the launch as well as the current version for the version relevant to each of the airlines fleet, as they rolled out when each airliner was ordered and as accurately specified and fitted out.

The Boeing 737 OPS Series eventually hopes to cover all airline versions (including liveries that are highly detailed and photographic).

What makes OPS Packs so different?
Ariane has always sought to maintain its 'design and quality standard' throughout its work and for this reason it has specially commissioned the services of very talented and professional illustrators (many who work extensively in their respective industries from private, VIP aircraft design and interior work to leading key art for large corporations) to ensure that both clarity and accuracy are maintained throughout as part of the Ariane policy to Quality Commitment.

Along with including the data relevant to each and every aircraft such as engine specification and making sure that aircraft differ as they do in the real world, these new and up-to-date sets will ensure that all pilots either will be able to fly with the actual airliner they fly in the real world as well as catering for those that they may be learning to train to fly with a particular airline and for those pilots simply seeking to fly the carrier that they have always dreamed of flying with. This series has been created particularly with these pilots in mind.

The Boeing 737 OPS Series contains everything to enable pilots to fly mission-critical tasks & flights they need to practice on. The Boeing 737 OPS Series has also been designed specifically with professional and discernin? pilots in mind; flying either for training reasons or with any particular leisure activity in mind.


? Detailed and integrated liveries for the range of launch customers.
? Print-Ready Paper Parts
? IFR-Ready / FMC-Ready Flight Plans. Simply Load, Configure and Fly.
? Retro and those no longer in service schemes (as well as unique, leased versions to expand base operations for flights to summer vacations).
? Ready-to-fly, integrated on-board FMC adjustments.
? Accurate Boeing Ng FDx & CFM 56 7 engine upgrade options = increased power where required and as per company OM.
? CMI CFM567b rollout engine specifications per aircraft with thrust translated into FMS.
? Animations linked to Synchresis Sound Environment for all aircraft so that full implementation of the base pack is carried over.
? All animations and galley logos or additions are provided for (where relevant in the galley) along with cabin-unique effects and sounds.

Version X2 (and upgraded) Aircraft FDx: 3 part, FDx Flight Model Technology developed from approved statistical and tabular Boeing Data and designed to emulate the accurate Boeing 737 handling envelope for each cfg. World Famous Aircraft FDx Flight Model Technology ensures optimum flight envelope of flight within required Boeing performance minima as endorsed by leading Boeing 737 and training pilots as well as Boeing 737 home cockpit builders around the world.

Min Spec: Pentium IV / AMD Athlon 3.4 Ghz CPU 2/4g RAM recomended. 256 mb GPU with 350Mb Disk Space - PDF files require Adobe Acrobat. See web site data.Produced under license from Boeing Management Company? 'Boeing' & '737' & '800' are among the trademarks owned by Boeing. Copyright 2005 / 2006 / 2007 / 2008. Ariane Studios and the Ariane Aerospace Division - UK & USA.

*** Please note that there are restrictions on copyright for some European Charts and others. Where possible these are included however but no guarantee is provided that they will be in the download version. However, they may be included in the box edition so please check and ask for each version you are looking for by emailing us or asking on our forum. Charts are all PDF and Print Enabled.


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