Boeing 737-800 Airline Upgrade Box Version

Boeing 737-800 Airline Upgrade Box Version
Compatible with Ariane Versions V2 & V3

Advanced Boeing 737-800 Airline Upgrade Box Version. From the makers of the most accurate & authentic Boeing 737 in the world this Airline Upgrade Pack covers the launch customer airlines of the Boeing 737-800 as well as later orders for the aircraft, ready to fly out of respective hubs to their domestic destinations.

Created for FS9 these seven, acccurately-depicted airline aircraft expand the base package offering professional pilots further planning and flight routing abilities. The pack comes in an easy to install and ready-to-fly format and includes some special edition liveries as well as classic and current versions.

Using advanced pixel technology to enhance and regrade textures the airlines depicted take photo-renditions to a new level giving the most detailed and photographic of airlines in FS in terms of depth and colour, capturing every nuance and detail down to floor lines and ports. Indeed, every aircraft for the Boeing 737-800 is illustrated from detailed photographs taken in situ and painstakingly re-illustrated over months of photo-enhancing work and consisting of over 300 layers per aircraft.

All of the Boeing 737-800 Series aircraft in this set are supplied as one pack and represent an essential upgrade for all Professional Airline Pilots who wish to fly more accurate and authentic mission critical flights with the Boeing 737-800.

AIRCRAFT CONTENTS. The airlines contained in this package are as follows:

Boeing_737_800 Air One EI-CXP
Boeing_737_800 Continental N38257
Boeing_737_800 Delta N3757
Boeing_737_800 Hapag Lloyd D-AHFG
Boeing_737_800 Jetairfly 00-VAS
Boeing_737_800 Kenya Airways 5Y-KYA
Boeing_737_800 KLM PH-BXI

AIRCRAFT TECHNICAL DETAILS. Each aircraft has its own unique, ENGINE FITMENT PROGRAM. Variable thrust performance has been edited depending on the engine type fitted to the operating aircraft (fitted as it was on the day it was rolled out and delivered or yet to be delivered to the airline that has placed an order with Boeing). Pilots will fly the same MN, LSN, SELCAL, line number and specification.

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS. Fast frames per second - Nose gear, doors and bays detail - Exit for REAR and FWD pax doors detail - Cargo doors and bays detail - Photographic Sections laid out in detail - Entire Texture Mapping for each area
- RAM inlets detail unique to type - APU door detail also unique to type
- APU intake vortex generator detail - Emergency exterior & wheel light detail
- Main outflow valve detail - Airstairs bay with door detail - Correct aircraft static height from ground - Aircraft.cfg to meet FS9 payload manager - Dynamic shine effects detail - Accurate wingroot section detail - HD 32 BIT PAINT WORK FEATURES OVER 330 LAYERS - Five-part, brake and roll spoiler detail - Detailed flap, hinges, pins and screws detail - FDX fluid NEWTON LOGIC flight configuration - HTML electronic check lists and refs - Underwing detailed access ports and inlets detail - Over-wing light effects - Exit Lights, Logo Lights detail - Gear-bay Lighting detail - Twin Landing Lights, Underfuselage Lights - Taxi Turnoff Lights, Nav, Strobe and Pos Lights - FWD Cargo Door. Opening AFT Cargo Door detail - Passenger FWD Door detail - PAX AFT door  (supported versions) - RAM, PW Facility Ports detail - Accurate, multi-stage flap detailing - Fluid dynamics & approach handling - Underwing detail with access ports and rivets.

FLIGHT MODEL: Aircraft FDx: 3 part, FDx Flight Model Technology developed from approved statistical and tabular Boeing Data and designed to emulate accurate Boeing 737 handling. World Famous Aircraft FDx Flight Model Technology ensures optimum flight envelope of flight within required Boeing performance minima.

Airline Upgrade Packs for the Ariane Boeing 737 Series for FS9 represent the most advanced Boeing 737 Airline Upgrade Series you can fly.


Recommended systems: YOU MUST HAVE THE BOEING 737-900 BASE PACK FOR THIS PRODUCT TO WORK! This package does not include any airports or scenery - this is an airline upgrade package only. FILE DOWNLOAD INFO: (APPROX 60.3 Mb Compressed). Download files in zip fomrat single package. Click to run as an exe isntaller.- NB: PLEASE CAREFULLY FOLLOW ALL INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS. THIS PRODUCT CANNOT BE RUN ON FS2002 BUT MAY RUN IN FSX WITH LIMITED FEATURES BUT WILL NOT RUN WITH FSX SP2 - Turn off the DX10 preview if running in FSX- Fully subject to Ariane Terms. Requires the Xip program to run and extreactand load - do not use Win or Win Vista unzip or errors may occur.



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