Printed Flight Operations Manual X

Printed Flight Operations Manual X
FSX Versions X1 to X1.5 - Second Section

Boeing 737 Flight Operations Manual - First Edition - FSX

Authentic Boeing Design & Layout Format. Complete Sections.

These specially designed Boeing Operations Manuals have been created to accomodate Boeing 737 crew requirements at all stages from initial study through training to reference and also to cover further, multiple use. The Boeing Operations Manuals First Edition cover a series of sections and have been specially designed for the Ariane Boeing 737 Series Advanced Simulation Product Ranges; they contain the crew reference/s required for use with the Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX versions and also cover SP1 and SP2 and Accelerator Enhancements (please check that the version you require is being purchased from the correct section on this website).

First Edition
This is the
second section of the Boeing 737 Operations Manuals (the Training Manual is the first section) and this contains the Flight Operations Manual - Amplified Normal Procedures and sections containing charts and data combine with further Flight Reference and information required for more professional and advanced procedures and reference (without grayed out text). This section has been designed as close as possible to emulate the manuals used by Boeing crews for advanced training requirements (but can also be used for all and any types and versions of simulations of the Boeing 737 since the information is universal).

There are two manual types to choose from depending on requirement (do not forget to add the postage rates relevant to your country).

1   'Drilled Only' if you want to place the contents into one of our binders (or choose both of the sections in a two binder set by selecting the special edition set).
Then select De-Luxe Colour pages or Budget Black and White options.

/ or //

2   'Conference Cover' if you don't need our ring bound binder/s.
Then select De-Luxe Colour pages or Budget Black and White options.

Full Colour -
  This is the special edition version and comes in high quality, digital print on a fine, smooth silk paper stock of at least 100-120 gsm and is in full colour throughout with full colour, illustrated single page sheets and sections and full colour-keyed illuminated diagrams and drilled for you.

Black and White - This version is available printed in Black and White on standard paper (around 80 gsm rag) and drilled for you.

The Boeing Flight Operations Manual section includes the following

Boeing Operations Manual - Contents
Controls and Indications
Normal Procedures
Autopilot Flight Director System and Flight Management System Monitoring
CDU Operation
Panel Scan Diagram
Pilot Flying/Taxiing and Pilot Not Flying/Not Taxiing Areas of
Normal Procedures General
Callouts Charts
Amplified Procedures
Exterior Safety Inspection ? Captain or First Officer
Flight Deck Safety Inspection ? Captain or First Officer
Pre-Flight Inspection ? Captain or First Officer
Flight Deck Inspection ? Captain or First Officer
Exterior Inspection

Receiving Aircraft Procedure
System Startup Procedure
Instrument Checks
Before Start Procedure
Gate Departure Procedure
Engine Start Procedure
After Start Procedure
Taxi Out Procedure
Before Takeoff Procedure
Takeoff Procedure
Maneuvering Speeds
After Takeoff Procedure
Climb Procedure
Cruise Procedure
Descent and Approach Procedure
In Range Procedure
Approach Procedures
Approach Types
Approach Briefing
Landing Procedure

Precision Approach
Standard Approach Procedures
Precision & Non-Precision Approach Procedures
Final Approach

Landing Procedures
After Landing Procedure
Gate Arrival Procedure
Parking Procedure
Termination Procedure


Flight Patterns (Charts)
Normal Takeoff ICAO Procedure B
Normal Takeoff ICAO Procedure A
CAT II Approach
Normal ILS Approach un-monitored
Stabilized Approach
ILS Approach
Instrument Approach using VNAV
Instrument Approach using V/S
Circling Approach
Visual Traffic Pattern
ILS Approach using HUD

The Boeing Operations Manual sections for the first edition have been designed with specially-configured sections and picked out with markers and reference (the colour versions are especially valuable to identify the correct position or operation of amber or blue caution systems relating to versions X2 and onwards) and feature notes and tips with the header pages to each of the sections in the unique style as used by crews.

Boeing Operations Manuals are avilable in either colour or black and white depending on crew requirement and budget are also available either as standard block-drilled sets (to fit US-3-ring size 70 mmm standard hole sizes with tab spaces) or available as a Conference Style with the manual sections held together with brass, Dakota Screws and bound with clear conference covers).

Special Edition Manuals
In addition, for those crews who desire to prolong the life of their sections and also to add to what will become a growing collection of manual sections and editions we will be releasing as second, third editions and so on... we suggest for more professional and advanced use that crews therefore choose the binder sets to keep the collections intact in either leather or PVU options from the Special Edition sections. These can be ordered from the OPS pages as binders available in 25mm or 60mm ring sizes.

The cover of the manual sections features the design of the Boeing 737 as commissioned and featured in launch material with the relevant Boeing 737 motif and designations in either black and white or colour. Boeing stratotype logo styles and Boeing designations feature throughout the sections which cover the range of flight operations crews require for training and reference as well as use on mission critical operations. The manuals can be used as both as a reference work or studied during flight, depending on requirement.

The first edition Boeing 737 Operations Manual - Sections and Categories.
All Edition Sections have also been designed to be dropped into our binders (if not used with special edition version binders available here) depending on crew requirement. The sections meansure A5 or 210 long and 149 wide and are approx. 20 mm deep inc. Dakota Screws. The different sections can also be detached as required by unscrewing the versatile mechanism of the Dakota Screw assembly and viewed as separate pages or sections so they can be used in front of a monitor for tracking or reading data (Conference Bound Versions).

Flight Planning Kits and Notes Pages
These can be purchased separately for each type (as required by crews) block-drilled, ready to drop into the special edition binders or used as separate, conference bound sections for crews to make notes or to fill in the required form data prior to flights. All Flight Planning Kits come conference-bound with Dakota Screws (coming soon).



Operations Manual Colour

Operations Manual B&W

Operations Manual Colour

Operations Manual B&W

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