#1 List of Japanese Adult Games

Looking for the best hentai games?

Eroge is the catch all name given to erotic games created in Japan and covers a whole range of diverse genres and game styles.

From visual novels and dating sims to RPG and adventure strategy games, this kind of entertainment is popular across Asia and the West. Often called hentai games, the content can be softcore to hardcore with some titles bordering on extreme.

But, what they all have in common, is the uniquely Japanese style of animation, some kooky narratives and a lot of NSFW content!

Note: We’ve covered reviews of many popular Eroge & Hentai games, including Hentai Heroes, Hentai Diaries, Gay Harem, Hentai Clicker, Otogi Frontier, as well as other releases from the popular Nutaku network.

In this feature, we look at the best eroge titles to play, from classic games to the latest releases. We’ll also look at some of the best sites where you can find the largest collections.

Where To Find The Best Hentai Games

Before we get started…

Want to skip straight to the good stuff and access the world’s largest collection of premium hentai games?

The site you need to check out is… Nutaku.

You’re going to hear it mentioned a lot in this post because it’s home to some of the most popular hentai games in the industry. And best of all? You can play them for free.

play nutaku

Another great site for hentai games is… EroGames

Similar to Nutaku, this platform brings you the best hentai and manga titles across all of the major devices: Android, iPhone, Desktop, etc.

Ero Games

What is Eroge?

Eroge is simply the Japanese term for erotic (or NSFW) games and, due to its Japanese origins, is sometimes called hentai.

Covering a wide range of genres from visual novel and dating sims to turn-based strategy card games and even first-person shooters; as long as the game includes some XXX storyline then its eroge. Oh, and of course, it has to have originated in Japan if it’s authentic eroge.

best eroge games Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena
Taimanin Asagi -Battle Arena.

The genre first cropped up at the beginning of the 1980s when Japanese game developers started slipping some more adult themes into their programs.

The first title is thought to have been Lolita Yakyūken released in 1982, but there are some earlier examples of erotic content in video games before this date.

The first eroge games were largely based on what we now know as a visual novel style games in which the player follows a narrative, often with multiple choices for which they are rewarded with animated clips or pics.

Both the storyline and graphics in most eroge titles are adult in content and, in some cases, regarded as pornography. As a result, eroge in Japan is subject to the same pixilation across the rude bits that live action video is. If you want uncensored eroge then you have to buy it on the export only market.

Over the last forty years, eroge has been developing alongside traditional gaming and has benefited from the global advances that the industry has seen and the genre now has a sophisticated sub-set of its own.

This includes fantasy, adventure and sci-fi across a diverse range of styles of gaming. From puzzles to RPG, battle cards to sex sim, eroge games are an incredibly popular type of adult game with a huge following in the West as well as across Asia.


The Best Hentai Games and Eroge Releases

We’ve selected a real mix of some of the best hentai games including some classic games as well as a couple of later releases.

There are thousands of eroge games on the market and if none of these take your fancy, why not hit one of the websites detailed below where you can find huge collections of some of the best adult games available online.

You can also see which Eroge games are gaining popularity in the trending section of our adult sex games guide.

Have we missed your favorite eroge game? Why not drop us a line in the comments section below to share your choice of best Japanese erotic game.

Monster Girl Quest

best eroge games monster girl quest

We kick off with a classic that was released in 2011 and has its own pages on Fandom to help new players; Monster Girl Quest is a hugely popular RPG/visual novel title.

Spawning another successful sequel in Paradox and a number of other spin-offs, the game is all about the adventures of a boy called Luka who (surprise, surprise) has to defeat a series of female monsters in order to win the day.

Action is centered on turn-based combat and if you win you advance but if you lose you can often be rewarded with some XXX hentai animation/illustration; it’s a win-win situation.

The adult content is pretty graphic with some scenes of vore as well as plenty of hentai girl on boy action and some monster sex too.

In fact, it is both the gameplay itself and the NSFW scenes that makes this such a great title, there’s some strategy to the combat plus you get rewarded with decent fap content.

If you enjoy Monster Girl Quest then check out the related titles of:

  • Monster Girl Delicious! -Breakfast-
  • Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 1
  • Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 2
  • Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 3
  • Monster Girl Quest: Demon Burst
  • Monster Girl Quest: Paradox
  • Monster Girl Quest: Succubus’s Fantasy

Compatible with Windows PCs, the game can be downloaded from sites like Game Fabrique or Eroge Download

Rance Series

best eroge games rance series

Originally released in 1989, Rance is an early eroge title developed by AliceSoft for the video game market. Since it was first published, the game has received many new updates and additional titles have joined the series with the latest release in 2018.

There are currently more than a dozen titles in the series with the more recent games featuring the best graphics and more complex gameplay.

The title names vary a little depending on where they were released with Sengoku Rance probably being the most popular title in the West. Other titles include the following with the original year of release marked alongside; however, most have been re-released more recently:

  • Rance – Hikari Quest (1989)
  • Rance Ⅱ – Rebellious Maidens (1990)
  • Rance Ⅲ – Fall of Leazas (1991)
  • Rance Ⅳ – Legacy of the Sect (1993)
  • Rance 5D – Lonely Girl (2002)
  • Rance Ⅵ – Collapse of Zeth (2004)
  • Rance Quest – Rance Quest (2011)
  • Rance Quest Magnum (2012)
  • Rance Ⅸ – Helman Revolution (2014)
  • Rance Ⅹ – Decisive Battle (2018)

The mechanics of each game varies but are all basically adventure RPG strategy in genre with plenty of adult content thrown into the mix. The eponymous title character, Rance, appears in all of the games and is characterized by his high sex drive and his love for the ladies.

As Manga Gamer says, ‘(he) is an extremely selfish, violent, horny asshole, and if he does anything good, it’s usually by accident.’

Definitely one to add to the list if you enjoy a dungeon crawler but there is so much variety in the series that there should be something for everyone in this epic range of games.

You can download the Rance series from sites like Manga Gamer.

Starless: Nymphomaniacs’ Paradise

best eroge games starless nymphomaniacs paradise

Starless is a stunning 2D eroge game from the creator of another couple of popular titles in this genre, Bible Black and Discipline.

At its heart, the game is a dating sim  but it is an incredibly immersive visual novel story in style with a great narrative.

The hero of the game, Yukito Sawatari, finds himself landing the part-time job of any guy’s dreams, servicing the needs of a mansion full of horny women. Each day he is called upon to fulfill every wish and desire of these nymphomaniacs including some saucy fetishes.

Sounds too good to be true and not much conflict for a good eroge story but, wait. The arrival of an innocent young maid Yukito is torn between the love of his job and the desire to rescue this pure girl.

With more than 3,000 CGs, this is a richly developed game that promises very rewarding play time.

Harem Heroes

best eroge games harem hentai heroes nutaku

An action-adventure game from Nutaku, Harem Heroes is one of the more popular free games to play on this hentai platform. It has a pretty big following online with its own community pages on Fandom.

The idea behind the gameplay is pretty straightforward and is an RPG action adventure game where you have to level up by completing sexual contests.

The girls are wholly driven by sex and are a lusty bunch who don’t ever seem to be fully satisfied. Teach them the basics of satisfaction and advance them to the next level and you will be rewarded with some pretty kinky adult anime scenes.

Played in-browser, create your oversexed harem on Nutaku (see below) for free and see exactly why this game is so addictive. One of the best hentai games on the market today.

Saya no Uta/The Song of Saya

best eroge games the song of saya

From a very different sub-genre of eroge comes the Lovecraftian horror visual novel. This niche content focuses on cosmic horror rather than jump scares or gore and is considered by some to be similar to paranormal but with less emphasis on ghosts.

Saya no Uta (The Song of Saya) was first released in 2003 and became pretty notorious at the time, catapulting this style into the public eye. Regarded by one popular video game website as being “…one of the most messed-up games ever released”, the release has since been remastered and updated.

The story goes a bit like this; Sakisaka is a medical student who undergoes some strange brain surgery as part of an experiment but wakes up to find that his perception of the world has been radically altered.

Instead of regular people and normal daily life, his home city is now a pulsating mass of twisted monsters and hellish sights.

Trying to escape from his nightmare, he meets a mysterious girl (Saya) who begins to help him make sense of his new reality….and infecting the real world with his madness along the way.

It’s one of those games that you’ll either love or hate but whether or not you get hooked doesn’t detract from what is a seminal work of horror/occult in the eroge genre.

Funbag Fantasy

best eroge games funbag fantasy

What’s not to love about the title of this game?

A fantasy romance visual novel with elements of adventure, the narrative is a bit silly at times but basically you follow the main character, Lute. A bit of a failure as a knight, he is relegated to an impoverished land within the kingdom populated by women with massive mammaries!

There are five different endings to work through and quite a lot of story to get through but you are rewarded all the way along with some great eroge scenes.

The game was so popular that a couple of sequels have also been spawned so do check out Funbag Fantasy: Sideboob Story and Sideboob Story 2 if you liked this title.

Craving Quest

best eroge games craving quest

Released in June 2019 by Super H Games, Craving Quest is available to play for free on the popular hentai platform, Erogames (see below).

The adventure of a night time, this title is all about stories for grown ups.

The game itself is a fast paced battle style RPG genre and you can choose from a cast of 100+ characters including mermaids, elves, hell hounds and dwarves to make up your team. Each has their own specific skills to bring and each unlocks a very different (and rewarding) taboo hentai scene.

A fully uncensored eroge game, Craving Quest is rich in narrative with some sexy animated bonuses.


best eroge games oppai cafe

An eroge story based on an incestuous café where the owner puts French maid outfits on his wife and daughter, the result is a family coffee shop with a lot more than you bargained for.

Visual novel in style with several different endings this title will appeal to anyone who enjoys cosplay and taboo content.


best eroge games evenicle

Released in 2015 by AliceSoft (the people behind the popular Rance series of eroge titles) Evenicle is an RPG that has become a bit of a best seller in Western markets.

With some impressive graphics by the renowned artist Nan Yaegashi (of Senran Kagura fame) and an extensive narrative, the game is very addictive and highly rewarding to play.

The main character, Asterix, wants many wives and he is a sex-seeking young adventurer on an epic journey to become a knight. There are tons of women to romance along the way and ultimately an even bigger collection of bonus sex scenes and snapshots that are stored as you progress.

All in all, it’s rendered in a very traditional hentai way that will be familiar to any fans of Japanese anime and delivers some very satisfying gameplay.

Sakura Series

best eroge games sakura dungeon

A first-person RPG from Nutaku (see below), the Sakura series has several titles with Sakura Dungeon being the most popular.

In this uncensored version, the action starts with a petite little ‘fox spirit; being roused awake by a knight to find that her dungeon has been plundered. Together they commence an epic adventure, recruiting monster girls and defeating enemies to retrieve what has been taken from her.

It’s a great little game with extensive dialogue and rich in some pretty impressive artwork, cutaway scenes and sexy animations.

The game can be downloaded from Nutaku for $10 along with other titles from the series including:

  • Sakura Fantasy
  • Sakura Agent
  • Sakura Gamer
  • Sakura Swim Club.

Best Places to Play Eroge Games

Of course, these are just a handful of the tens of thousands of eroge titles on wide release including many developed by indie studios as well as those being released by the big gaming companies.

It’s a huge market and you can find every sub-genre of adult content catered to from vanilla to some very niche fetishes!

Not all of the best hentai games or latest releases are available in English language and often you have to wait several years before some of the newest trending eroge games are translated.

We’ve selected some of the best websites below that offer a decent collection (often available to play free) of eroge games in English. Some of these are fully translated whilst others have been developed specifically for the Western markets by Japanese game designers.



best eroge games nutaku

Owned by MindGeek (the company behind Pornhub and premium studios like Brazzers and Reality Kings), Nutaku was launched in 2015 specifically to cater for the rising demand in eroge games in the west.

We’ve previously featured a couple Nutaku’s best hentai games but there’s a lot to get stuck into here, including:

A lot of the games are free to play with some offering in-app purchases whilst others can be downloaded for a fixed price. As with Erogames, there are lots of styles and genres covered here including the fairly recent addition of a section for LGBTQ+ games.

In total, there are over 300 games available play via Nutaku including some which are compatible with Android and iOS devices covering everything from dating sims and visual novels to clicker games and card battle RPG.

Well worth signing up for a free account, new members get 100 free gold coins and can take part in the regular game events.



best eroge games erogames

Erogames offers free to play in-browser hentai games, most are designed as visual novel in style. However, there are also some dating sim, clicker and casual games available to play.

At the moment there are a few dozen eroge titles to choose from including:

  • The Last Day of My Virgin Life
  • Lust of the Apartment Wives
  • ChuChu Succubus Rem
  • Auntie Lara
  • Ideology in Friction
  • Princess Pixel

Games on the platform are available in English, Spanish, French, Russian and Chinese as well as Japanese plus there are also several adult manga books to enjoy for any avid readers:

  • Harem Island
  • An All Women Resort
  • Android Hentai
  • Harem of Horny Employees

Register for a free account and get a bonus 100 gold credits to use on the platform. Most games are compatible to be played on Windows based PCs with some available for mobile devices.

Manga Gamer


best eroge games manga gamer

Operated by the Tokyo based company Japan Animation Contents Inc, Manga Gamer offers downloads in English for some of the most popular ‘moe’ content; this Japanese word refers to the obsession with (mostly femle) characters from anima, manga and video content.

Not all of their content is NSFW and there are some titles available which are suitable for all ages but there is also plenty of eroge material under the ‘Adults Section’ including some bestselling games like:

  • Aokana: Four Rhythms Across The Blue
  • A Kiss for the Petals – Maidens of Michael
  • The House in Fata Morgana
  • Funbag Fantasy
  • Maggot Baits
  • Koropokkur in Love ‘A Little Fairy’s Tale’

They also sell hard copies as well as downloads and stock many of the most popular titles such as the Rance series.



best eroge games itch io

Itch.io is a platform for indie game developers to share their content which allows gamers the opportunity to discover some fresh new titles. Whilst this can mean that the quality of some of these games is a little ‘suspect’ at times, there are some genuinely decent titles to play here.

Not all of the content is eroge but there is a good mix of visual novels, multiplayer games RPG and sim.

They’re all well-tagged so finding something suitable is easy and many are free to play or downloaded on a pay what you like basis.

You don’t need to register an account to access the games but this is also free and gives you the functionality to save your favorite games and create your own collections of the best titles.

Not the widest selection of eroge content but certainly a good place for avid gamers to see fresh talent and new material.

See more: our pick of the best adult games on Itch.io.



best eroge games gamcore

Another home for free cartoon sex games, Gamcore doesn’t solely specialize in eroge but a lot of their content does fit the bill; adult Japanese games.

All of the titles here are free to play and most have been developed by independent artists and small studios. The result is a real mixed bag of games from those that are incredibly basic to some very complex and well rendered titles that really should be reaching wider audiences.

Some of the site’s more popular games are 3D but there’s a good amount of Japanese (or hentai) tagged anime style stuff to get your hands on.

The most popular titles at the moment and the ones that certainly offer some serious game time are:

  • Ryoumo
  • Kasumi Rebirth
  • Dragon Ballz: Fuck Vision
  • Bonds of Ecstasy
  • Aqua in Missionary

Well worth bookmarking for a browse, there are some hits and some misses here but

Meet & Fuck Games


best eroge games meet and fuck games

This premium porn site specializes in cartoon sex games and offers visitors the chance to play demo versions of some their exclusive hentai titles for free.

Mostly played in-browser and developed by indie designers, there’s over 70 titles available exclusively to this site including:

  • Diva Mizuki: Quiet on the Set
  • Nintendolls: The Secret Mansion
  • Geek Girl Gwen
  • Fuckemon
  • The Legend of XXXelda: Twilight Fuck
  • Street Fucker

Diva Mizuki is a fairly popular title and has a series of other games also featuring this cock hungry anime porn star.

Access to all the games on this site are available by subscription only with the current rates being $29.95 per month.

Very much a community driven site in terms of how content is being developed, members can access the MNF Club which lets you network with the developers directly as well as interact with other players.

J List


best eroge games j list

Finally, if you want to buy some of the titles on our list as a hard copy for your PC then you can buy these direct from J List.

A Japanese store that caters to the Western markets, J List has a great selection of eroge products including some of the latest releases.

You can search for content here using a diverse range of tags from tentacles to futanari, bukkake to succubus, the products here are the real deal.

Featured images via Erogames.

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