10 Best Eyeshadows for Darker Skin Tones In 2022

With masks covering up most of our faces these days, it’s all about the eyes. And when it comes to deeper skin tones, it can be tricky finding eyeshadows that really pop on the skin and stand out behind your lashes. We checked in with the talented Danessa Myricks, makeup artist and founder of Danessa Myricks Beauty, for insight into the best shadows you can wear day or night. Right off the bat, Myricks explains that it’s all about picking a hue that packs on the color: “The pigmentation of the product makes a really big deal. I think for deeper skin tones, it’s about making sure that the colors are true, because when the colors aren’t true, that’s when they can appear chalky and muddy on the skin.”

Another tip? Contrast is key when it comes to finding your perfect nude. “A lot of people think that there are certain neutral shades that they can’t wear based on their skin tone, but contrast is great. If somebody wants to keep it soft and doesn’t want too much of a wow, just think less contrast,” Myricks says. “For example, if you you have warm brown tones in your skin, a lighter, cool-toned brown shadow would create more contrast rather than mimicking the tone that exists in the skin already.” But this doesn’t just apply to neutrals. Myricks gave us her best tips for picking eyeshadow, especially when it comes to colorful options. Here, tips, tricks, and recommendations for your new go-to formulas.

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