10 Ways You Can Integrate Slack with Other Online Tools

Did you know Slack now comes with more than 80 integrations for popular services like Google Drive, GitHub and Trello?

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of these powerful integrations and how you can use them to be more productive – and even have more fun at work.

Slack Essentials

Slack has four main features: chat, search, third party integrations and user groups.

The chat feature lets you send instant messages to public channels, private groups, and individuals.

Slack public channel chat.
Slack public channel chat.

The search feature enables you to quickly and easily find chats, messages, and any information in the history of your channels that you need to gain access to.

The third, and arguably the most powerful feature, is the ability to connect to or “integrate” with other services that your team uses on a daily basis.

User groups is a new feature Slack only recently added to further organize team communication. This feature enables you to send messages to groups (by job title, physical office location or however else your company teams are grouped within Slack). Any new members of a team will automatically be added to relevant channels when assigned to a user group. This feature is currently only available to paying members.

Here’s a detailed guide on getting started.

WordPress + Slack

Before we look at a number of useful integrations, let’s start with an essential one for you: WordPress + Slack.

This integration posts WordPress notifications to your Slack channels and facilitates better communication and collaboration within your team. It’s essential to improving your workflow, particularly if you have a multi-author site or a remote team.

Learn how to integrate WordPress with Slack here.

Now let’s take a look at some other integrations that could supercharge your team’s productivity.

WordPress and Slack
WordPress and Slack: a match made in heaven!

1. Calendar

Many businesses use Slack for calendar events, so Slack came up with a way to further automate their workflow: by adding the Google Calendar integration. If you’re on Slack and are one of the many teams currently using Google Calendar, this integration could greatly boost your productivity.

Slack calendar integration in action.
Slack calendar integration in action.

Google Calendar + Slack enables you to post any calendar event to your Slack channels. You can post upcoming project deadline reminders and calendar summaries from your Google Calendar to the appropriate team channels. More excitingly, you can automagically post your company’s birthday or holiday calendar to the whole team and celebrate together.

This integration will do wonders for your productivity and team spirit!

Learn how to integrate Google Calendar with Slack.

2. Social Media Accounts

Many companies are using Twitter to communicate and quickly respond to their clients and customers. As a developer, perhaps you’re probably using Twitter to respond to support questions and feature requests. Slack will organize and make this social communication a lot easier for you.

The Twitter + Slack integration will post tweets at you, about you, or anything you’re interested into a Slack channel. This way you can track every mention and communicate with your team (within Slack) about the best way to respond. Use it for both customer and team communication.

Here’s how to integrate Twitter with Slack

3. RSS

You probably subscribe to several WordPress and web development RSS feeds and receive real-time company or product mentions. You can integrate Mention – the popular RSS app that has become a great replacement for Google Alerts – with Slack to keep all your mentions in one place. You can post alerts to specific channels for brainstorming and team discussions.

This integration facilitates organization, team communication, and productivity.

Here’s how you can integrate Mention with Slack.

4. Code Management

Call it a good guess that you’re using some code management service like GitHub, Hubot, and/or Codeship?

You’re most likely active on GitHub, the ultimate source code library. The good news is that you can get way more organized and productive on your coding projects by integrating GitHub + Slack. This integration will post updates to slack channels for your commits, pull requests and issues.

The Hubot + Slack integration has to be one of my favorites. Once integrated with Slack, you can use it for almost everything. Use it for alerts, polls, and anything fun and spontaneous. Perhaps even run a poll on the theme for your next holiday party?

This integration will streamline your workflow and inject more creativity and fun in your workplace.

ParallelCI by Codeship.
ParallelCI by Codeship.

Codeship, the simple productivity platform for software teams, can now be integrated with Slack. All development notifications are sent to Slack channels to keep everyone on your team up-to-date on who is doing what, and which builds succeeded or failed.

Here’s how you can integrate Codeship with Slack.

5. Project Management

Slack streamlines the project management services your team use on a daily basis. Here are a few key integrations that improve communication and collaboration.

You’re probably familiar with Trello. It is one of the most popular integrations to Slack. Perhaps you use it to organize and manage project tasks for your team or for personal use. Either way, this integration will help you keep track of changes on cards when you’re working on a large project or in a big team.

You can stay up-to-date on key changes that need to be addressed, and keep communication relevant by attaching and linking cards to relevant conversations. You should try out the integration for better communication and more efficient project management.

Here’s how you can integrate Trello with Slack.

Asana is another powerful project management tool you may be using. Integrated with Slack, Asana will notify specific channels when a task is created, completed or receives a comment. You can also create and send task status reports or comments to relevant channels. Here’s how to integrate Asana with Slack.

Blossom is a project management service specifically designed for software development teams. The integration with Slack essentially provides similar features as Asana: you can keep your team organized by having all updates, conversation and information in one place. And here how you can integrate Blossom with Slack.

6. File Sharing

File sharing can be easy. Yes, file sharing can be easy with the Google Drive + Slack integration. This integration is actually the most popular on Slack. Here’s how it works.

Simply copy and paste a Google Doc URL in a channel chatbox. Slack will provide additional link information to everyone in the channel. Your team can easily collaborate with an organized file sharing system.

Dropbox is another file sharing cloud system you’re probably using. Similar to the integration with Google Drive, Slack will create a preview of any file link you paste in to make it easier and faster for everyone in your channels to pull up, save or re-share the file. Find out how to integrate Dropbox with Slack.

Box is another popular file sharing system that teams are using. At the risk of sounding repetitive, let’s just say that Box + Slack integration is similar to both Google Drive and Dropbox integrations. Integrate Box with Slack.

7. Communication

Another powerful integration. Google Hangouts + Slack.

If you also use Google Hangouts, you can pair it with Slack.
If you also use Google Hangouts, you can pair it with Slack.

This integration accelerates team conversations and facilitates cross team collaboration.

You can quickly create and attend a hangout directly from a Slack channel. A number of teams from various industries are using this integration to communicate and collaborate more effectively.

Are you using Intercom to track how your customers are interacting with your products? If so, consider integrating Intercom with Slack to easily stay on top of conversations with your clients or customers.

Integrating Intercom with Slack sends updates to a Slack channel when you receive new messages; a team member or user replies to a message; new users are created; notes are added to a conversation or when conversations are assigned.

Everything is well structured and organized in a single platform to make communication with your users much easier: integrate Intercom with Slack

Just like it does with Google Hangouts, the GoToMeeting + Slack integration enables you to start and attend a call or video meeting right in a Slack channel. It facilitates fast and easy communication.

8. Customer Support

Your customers and clients mean everything to you. Here are some Slack integrations that enable you to provide the best support to them.

Help Scout + Slack integration posts notifications of conversation statuses and replies. You will receive a notification each time a new conversation is created, updated, deleted or closed. To keep your team organized and focused, you can send updates that are relevant to specific people by mentioning them directly in conversations.

This integration enables faster response times to your customers and more efficient management of support tickets.

Desk + Slack integration organizes your support system in a way that makes sense to you. You can customize notifications for updates on support tickets. For example, you can get notifications according to the priority of a ticket and post it to the appropriate channels. This allows you to respond faster to customers that need urgent assistance.

Zendesk is another customer support app that posts notifications on support ticket statuses when integrated with Slack. This integration posts notifications to your Slack channels when support tickets have been updated. Integrate Zendesk with Slack.

9. Marketing

Integrate MailChimp + Slack to receive subscription notifications and marketing campaign statuses. These are unfortunately the only event notifications the integration supports. Slack always builds up and tries to automate as many features of a service as possible so you can be optimistic that more features will be activated.

The Autopilot + Slack integration is perhaps the most powerful marketing integration. Autopilot provides you with detailed sales & marketing analytics; and everything you need to know about your customer’s journey and interaction with you. The Slack integration notifies your team of key metrics and actions as they happen.

The integration will post notifications to your channels regarding new signups so your team can collaborate on helping new users get started on using your product. You can also search through Slack to find out how specific users came to sign up or purchase your product.

This integration will keep your marketing and supports teams organized and in sync. It can also optimize your marketing efforts and strategies in that everything you need to know is now stored and easy to find in a single platform.

10. Analytics and Performance

If you’re using GoSquared to track traffic metrics on your site, the GoSquared + Slack integration could help you analyze and respond to any important changes to your website.

Take control of your online business with beautifully simple, yet powerful analytics.
GoSquared offers simple yet powerful analytics.

When you integrate GoSquared + Slack, you will receive a notification whenever the total number of visitors to your site is higher or lower than your specified threshold. With this information, you can quickly respond to the high peak of traffic and identify any potential issues that may cause your site to crash.

Another great web analytics and diagnostics tool is Pingdom. With the Slack integration, you can quickly respond to metrics that are important to the health of your site. Communicate and collaborate in real time with your team to identify and resolve any issues. Integrate Pingdom with Slack.


Slack and its many integrations allow you to boost your productivity by communicating and collaborating with your team in real time about everything you do. Integrating the services your team use on a daily basis in a single platform could save you time and money. It could also add more fun and creativity to your workplace.

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