11 Best InboxDollars Hacks [Ultimate 2022 Guide]

Most people are in need of extra cash. One site, InboxDollars, provides a method to make money while completing basic tasks such as playing games, taking surveys, and even reading emails. InboxDollars is a platform that makes earning money as easy as pressing a few buttons.

To use it, you can download the InboxDollars app on your phone or work directly through the website. InboxDollars offers will appear to you as soon as you make an account. All you need to give is an email address and a unique password, and they will gift you with a five-dollar sign up bonus. The bonus comes after you acknowledge a simple confirmation email. The sign up bonus ensures that you already have money in your pocket. This initial money is a great way to get started.

Keep on reading to learn more about InboxDollars, and how you can earn the most money by performing simple tasks. We’ll also discuss some InboxDollars hacks that will ensure that you take in extra money. Let’s get started!

Is InboxDollars Legit?

So, is InboxDollars legit? According to our review, absolutely. InboxDollars is an online reward system that lets you earn money by accomplishing small tasks. The initial thing you need to do is make an account, and then you can watch videos to put some money in your pocket.

It doesn’t take much effort to build your income on InboxDollars, and you can pick from many tasks that countless similar sites do not have for their users. InboxDollars stands out in terms of quality and quantity.

If you rely on multiple sources of income, InboxDollars is a simple and efficient way to get free cash. There’s not a lot to it, and you can create a path that works for you.

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How Does InboxDollars Work?

Unlike other sites, InboxDollars does not have a complicated process when you sign up. The initial thing is to make an account, as we talked about above.

After you sign up, you need to confirm your email. Doing this will give you access to the five-dollar bonus every new user gets when they sign up. That’s free money in your pocket before you even do anything on the site. From there, you can get paid through the site.

There are many ways to make money on InboxDollars. They are a business that provides opportunities for their users. Here are a few of the major ways that you can earn rewards.


The very first bar on the website displays InboxDollar’s available offers. These often include websites that you can make an account on, deals for dining services, and apps that you can download and use. Many of these offers require you to sign up and use the service before you can earn money.

The offers suggest larger amounts of free money than the other tabs, but they are very involved compared to the different methods.

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A user can also earn cash on InboxDollars by taking surveys, offered by a reputable survey site. The quick surveys given present basic questions that anyone can answer. These survey sites will pay you between $0.50 and $5.00, with most falling closer to the $0.50 range. Quick surveys are not a way to make a full time income, but they can give you a good bonus if you take enough of them.


Watching is another great way to land some extra money online. The video is often in the form of an ad, so you will need to sit through this style to land some free income. Each one on InboxDollars is only about $0.01-$0.02, so it takes a little while to build your cash flow. However, a video is easy because you can hit play and do something else. It’s a hands-off money generator.

You can also make money watching videos with Swagbucks. Claim your free $5 here!


InboxDollars offers cashback options. This offer most often ranges from 1%-2%. It can save you quite a bit of money whether you are online shopping or purchasing in person. The way that you earn money in this instance is by saving money on the things that you buy every single day. You can buy anything from groceries to a gift card to get money. Online shopping has never been so beneficial.


Through InboxDollar, you can upload your receipt to the site to get free money back on the necessities for your home. All you need to do is check the foods provided on the InboxDollars site.

If you buy the items on this list, funds will be added to your InboxDollars account. To get these rewards you just need to shop as you normally do.


This site offers coupons. Besides saving on the product offered in the coupon, you also get $0.10 every time you redeem a coupon and $0.01 when you physically print it out. This can quickly add up and save you big on the products you invest in.

You might find countless similar sites that offer coupons, but this is the only one that pays you to use them. As you would redeem points, redeem these coupons for income.

Reading Emails

InboxDollars will pay users to read advertiser’s emails. For this, you will need to confirm that you want your account to be attached to the PaidEmail program. From there, InboxDollars will task you to read advertiser’s emails. For each confirmed message read, you will get paid up to $0.02.

This is a super simple way to make money online, and it can be done through the InboxDollars app or the website.

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Playing Games

Believe it or not, you can earn points and get money if you play games on InboxDollars. There are many options available, from Monkey Bubble Shooter to Candy Jam. Ads are often the source of revenue. You will get 18% cashback when and if you spend money on these platforms.

For those who love games, this is a good way to save cash and fuel your boredom all at the same time.

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Make Money Online

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11 InboxDollars Hacks to Make Money Online

When working on InboxDollars, you want to earn as much as you possibly can. Here, we’ve provided a few hacks that can help you to get the most out of this paying website. You might discover one that powers you ahead. Each InboxDollars hack helps in a different way for your life.

Use Accurate Information

This InboxDollars hack is basic. For surveys, it might be tempting to create false information. This isn’t a good idea. All InboxDollars pros know that a survey will not pay you if you do not qualify.

Do not create information. Quick surveys are plentiful, and they’ll still be fast with your real identity.

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Take Advantage of Videos

Video can serve as a simple money generator. You get paid and earn cash through ads by hitting play. If you are a mom, work from home, or have other tasks, they can run in the background while you rake in the cash.

Don’t toss them to the side because they seem like a pain to deal with. They are free forms of income.

Be sure to use this InboxDollars hack if you want to grow your income online.

Use Your Spins

Many on the hunt for free money forget to use their spins on the wheel located on InboxDollar. Use these.

You might bring in extra income and hack InboxDollars by earning more than they intended. Nothing should go to waste. Discover new spins by taking surveys. You might find that this InboxDollars hack brings surprises into your life.

Take Longer Surveys

Another great InboxDollars hack is to take the longer surveys, rather than the shorter ones.

They will pay more and free up your time to discover more opportunities online. Ignore some short surveys. They will take up a ton of your life and will pay you little to nothing. Taking the time to search for the lengthier ones is worth it.

If there are no long surveys, you are better off watching videos or playing games that will pay you. They will add more to your life financially than short surveys will. Review each one before you take them to truly hack the system.

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Master the High-Paid Offers

Always select the high-paid offers over the ones that won’t give you as much. You can hack InboxDollars by ignoring the low-ball offers that they throw at you. When you discover an offer that will pay well, take it. This InboxDollars hack will save you time and money, which is good business. Review each one accordingly.

Refer a Friend

Referring a friend to this site is one of the best ways to make money on InboxDollars. If you get someone you know to sign up, you get $1.00 right away. You can also earn up to 30% of the earnings that they get paid from their time spent on the site. It’s an easy way to bring in a new member and hack the system all in one go.

This is a great way to hack InboxDollars. You’re bringing in money without giving yourself more work, and you can teach them to use this InboxDollars hack. You will discover that you get a lot out of this one.

Follow InboxDollars on Social Media

InboxDollars has social media. One fantastic InboxDollars hack is to pay attention to their postings, which occasionally contain great offers that you can use to earn money. InboxDollars will also send special offers to members who are following them on other platforms.

Check Your Email Often

An overlooked InboxDollars hack is the simple act of checking your email. InboxDollars will often send out emails, presenting free offers that can be taken advantage of on their website. By missing these, you are missing chances to bring in bonus income.

You can set your phone or laptop to alert you when you receive an email. You should check these as fast as possible. Countless similar sites also follow this method, so it is a good habit to get into.

Take Note of WinIt Codes

Sometimes, InboxDollars will give you WinIt codes once you complete a survey or another offer. These can be entered into sweepstakes, which might give you more cash or even a prize. When you see these codes, you should enter them as soon as possible. You might earn a bonus amount that you weren’t expecting. A WinIt code is a valuable asset.

This InboxDollars hack is good business. It allows you to win while you earn.

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Redeem Your Points

The money that you earn on InboxDollars can also be cashed in for a gift card or a visa card. You can redeem these cards and use them in other locations, for your groceries or other critical items. Don’t let anything go to waste.

This might be an obvious InboxDollars hack, but you might be surprised how often it occurs.

Search With InboxDollars

Our final Inboxdollars hack is to utilize their search engine as much as possible. InboxDollars claims that users can gain as much as $50 a year by searching through their engine. This is more than Google will provide if you use them.

This InboxDollars hack is simple but effective. When you need to look something up, use Inboxdollars to do so.

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Collecting Money from Your InboxDollars Account

It is vital to know that you need to reach a minimum threshold of $30 to withdraw any money from InboxDollars. Until you reach this point, the free money will sit inside your account. Once you do reach this point, there are a few ways you can get your pay. These include:

  • Paypal, through which InboxDollars will pay you a dollar amount
  • Gift cards, which can be used as income for various locations
  • E-card or physical checks, which come through Visa

They will not be paying you until you reach that amount. Work hard until you get there and then you can extract with your preferred method.

If you haven’t reached $30 quite yet, be sure to use an Inboxdollars hack to boost your earnings.

Final Thoughts on The Best InboxDollars Hack

Here is our short InboxDollars review. Overall, InboxDollars is one of the best ways to earn a little money online. Through ads, receipts, and the ability to read advertiser’s emails, you can build up a large sum by putting in a minimal amount of effort.

To many, InboxDollars might feel like a reward after long years of searching for easy ways to make money. With the Inboxdollars hacks provided, you will master the system in no time at all and make money online like you never have before.


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