12 Best Cheap Champagne Brands So Good, You’ll Have Reason to Celebrate

Nothing makes clear that you’re ready to celebrate like a big bottle of bubbly. But prices on bottles of big-name brands can often bottom out well above the $100-mark, making it nearly impossible to enjoy your favorite fizz. Good news: While more traditional, classic champagnes are produced exclusively in the small Champagne region of eastern France, similar versions are created elsewhere under the same name. By using the same method, brands are able to use the name without having to import grapes all the way from France. Case in point: companies like Korbel and Wycliff produce s0-called ‘California champagnes’ which mimic the traditional processes a little closer to home.

Whether you’re mixing your champagnes into mimosas on for brunch on a Sunday morning with your girlfriends, or enjoying a flute at your office holiday party, there’s no denying that champagne is one of the most versatile sparkling wines out there. Plus, with prices as low as just under $7—and capping out at $25—you are going to to find one within your budget that is perfect for your next occasion, guaranteed. If you’re in need of something to celebrate, get happy over the fact that you can now enjoy champagne whenever you want—even if it’s just a weeknight.

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