13 Black Movies to Watch on Netflix Right Now

Because of the tyrannical nature of the Netflix algorithm and their vague recommendations for Black movies, I have taken it upon myself to make a list of my favorite Black films that are available on the streaming service. While compiling the list was easy, I found it difficult to write an introduction to this selection. Because, what category is more fraught than that of “Black movies?” What makes a movie Black? And why must we continue to sit around making lists about Black movies? Does this exercise accomplish anything?

Well, there are two answers to that last question. One, the relative lack of Black movies–and by that I mean movies with Black people in front of or behind the camera–compels me to make lists that highlight movies which may have slipped under the radar or evaded awards season recognition. Two, the more attention we can draw to ambitious Black movies, the more likely it is that the industry finances and produces them.

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