14 Classic Camping Games the Whole Family Will Love

Often there is some downtime while camping when the energy level is low. Rainy days and quiet moments don’t have to slow you down. There are plenty of camp games to keep everyone happy!

10. It looks like…

A perfect game for some down-time is watching clouds and trying to figure out what they resemble. This activity is an ideal way to spend a quiet afternoon.

11. Where is the glue?

Having a craft bucket is a fantastic way to fill up some quiet moments. Scissors, glue, paper, and crayons are great additions to a craft kit for kids. Pull up to your camping table and get the creativity flowing.

Granted, planning a crafting kit takes a little more time and consideration, not to mention space to pack it with all the other gear. This activity may be worth the space dedicated when packing, especially if you can leave the charging cords at home!

12. Time to curl up

Sometimes curling up with a good book is what is needed to decompress.

With so much competing for our attention each day, it is often difficult to find time with no distractions to commit to a good book.

To make it even more fun, go to the local library and check out some nature-themed books for the kids to share. Don’t forget to grab a book for yourself!

13. I have a sense for these things

Another camping game to occupy your senses is playing sensory games. It is one of those camping games that requires absolutely nothing but yourself.

To play, all you do is find somewhere comfortable to sit.

Start with your eyes closed and tune in to what is happening around you. Starting with what you hear, listen for noises you would not ordinarily hear. Listen hard.

Once you can name a few sounds you would not ordinarily notice, it is time to move to a different sense. You can do this with all your senses. It gives the whole family time to pause and notice the world.

14. Is that my phone ringing?

A fun game to play while camping is called Telephone. This game tends to work better with a large group.

The person who starts will whisper a message to the person on either their left or right. It is only whispered once by each person. In turn, each person continues to whisper the message until it works it’s way around the circle.

In the end, the final person says the message
aloud to compare it to the original message. Hearing how your message gets jumbled in translation can lead to plenty of laughter.

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