15 Denim Overalls Outfits for Women | How to Wear Denim Overalls

Denim overalls are easy to wear—they’re like jeans in that way, but a little trickier to style. Pair ’em with the wrong shirt or shoes and you end up feeling like the 11-year-old version of yourself. But overalls are always on-trend, and if you want to wear your very first pair of (adult) overalls, don’t let that small obstacle stand in your way. I found 15 different street style denim overall outfits to show you how to actually wear the one-piece, whether you’re in spring, summer, fall, or something in between. The major takeaway? There’s an art to layering when it comes to denim overalls, whether that’s choosing between a plain tee or peasant blouse, a pair of sandals or a pair of heels. (I’m going with sandals for comfort obvs.) Enough chit-chat—read on to see how to wear your denim overalls, from an original blue option to a wild animal printed one-piece. And for even more styling inspiration, be sure to bookmark our street style round ups.


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