17 Best CC Creams of 2022 | Color Correcting Skincare Creams

Ever woken up in the mood for flawless skin, but without the hassle of using a bunch of products? Same. You’re probably pretty familiar with foundation and tinted moisturizer, and you may know what a BB cream is, too. But allow me introduce you to CC cream, the skincare/makeup hybrid that promises glowing, lit-from-within skin.

What’s the difference between CC cream and BB cream?

CC stands for “color correcting,” and CC creams promise to smooth out irregularities, flaws, and discoloration on the skin. (BB stands for “beauty or blemish” balm, and BB cream is considered a lighter, skin-friendly alternative to foundation.) CC creams are a little heavier than BB creams and designed to smooth out redness, discoloration, and signs of aging. They can patch over zones on your skin with irregular texture, like scarring or acne marks, too.

What else is CC cream used for?

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