19 Best Linen Pants for Women 2022 | Linen Trousers for Summer

Linen is one of the best fabrics you can wear in scorching hot weather—the fiber is strong, absorbent, and dries quicker than cotton. Plus, breezy linen feels lightweight on your skin and is the perfect summertime material to lounge around in. There are so many clothes, from tops to bottoms, that are made of linen, but for our shopping purposes right now we’ll focus on finding a classic pair of linen pants—one you’ll want to wear every day. The bottoms are crucial to surviving summer heat waves if you feel like wearing pants that aren’t jeans. This season, linen pants come in all different prints, colors, and even hem lengths, giving you a buffet of linen bottoms to sample. Ahead, we rounded up 19 pairs to try, knowing full well that one of these pants will end up in your summer outfit rotation.

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