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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle turned the monarchy on its head with their televised, no-holds-barred interview with a shell-shocked Oprah Winfrey, discussing everything from Markle’s misrepresented relationship with Kate Middleton to her mental health struggles while living overseas as a working royal. If the couple’s bombshell revelations left you more curious than ever about the institution they left behind, its power structure, and the complexities surrounding life as a key player in a monarchy, there’s no easier way to learn more (or at least be entertained while taking in the gorgeous costumes and sets) than by watching a film about royal life. While these fictionalized works have undoubtedly taken liberties with the real-world details of their subject matter—some paint more factually accurate pictures than others (2006’s The Queen, for instance, is far more rooted in history than, say, The Princess Diaries)—there’s something about the pressures of the crown to be taken from each and every one of the movies on our list. Without further ado, here are 20 titles to watch for a glimpse behind the curtain of the monarchy.

‘The King’s Speech’

Nominated for a whopping 12 Oscars at the 83rd Academy Awards and winning four, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Colin Firth’s poignant turn as King George IV, The King’s Speech was a major success upon its 2010 release. In it, we see the true story of the monarch, who suffered from an impenetrable stammer, working with a speech and language therapist to overcome his disorder as he prepares to make a national speech declaring war on Nazi Germany. With Helena Bonham Carter in a supporting role as Queen Elizabeth, the film gives a riveting look at the private battles being fought by the ruler behind the scenes of one of the biggest turning points in history.

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