22 Best Family Movies Adults & Kids Will Both Fall In Love With

As a kid, the movies you watched were your creativity lifeline. Tales of talking animals to kids with supernatural friends rocked your socks off, and then you had to grow up. Sure, we can indulge in a couple of our childhood favorites, but sometimes it’s better when someone who usually orders from the kids’ menu is present. Hence this list here: Movies you know and loved as a child that will get an A+ rating from the kids who will watch it for the first time. Think of it as your well-deserved trip down memory lane.

Disclaimer: We’re kids of the 1980s and 1990s, so this list skews heavily to what we loved growing up mixed in with a few wild cards. These 20 feel-good family movies extol the virtues of grit, being an outsider, and of having heart, all without saccharine cheer and manipulative storytelling. So go ahead and escape from current events and instead hunt for pirate treasure, set booby traps, go toe-to-toe with bullies and monsters, and indulge in a happy ending. (Noticeably absent are the Pixar movies—they deserved their own list, so we’ve got you covered with a ranking of Pixar Animation Studio films, from meh to amazing.)

Princess Bride (1987)

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