24 Best Sad Songs of 2020 | New Songs to Make You Cry

Whatever you’re going through—whether that’s attempting to wrap your head around the pandemic that’s upended our lives, dismantling the systemic racism our country faces, coping with heartbreak after someone recently ghosted you, or simply feeling all of the feels after an excruciatingly long week, sadness comes in all forms and these new songs are here to help us take a few breaths, exhale, and release it. From Taylor Swift and Bon Iver’s “Exile” to Meek Mill and Roddy Ricch’s “Letter to Nipsey,” this is our running list of the best sad songs of 2020.

“Flawed” – Wale ft. Gunna

In “Flawed,” Wale and Gunna capture the somber realization when a person—flaws and all—no longer serves a purpose in your life, despite the history you two had. Listen to it when you need an extra dose of maturity.

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