25 Best Lip Balms for Dry, Chapped Lips 2022 | Lip Balm Reviews

When’s the last time you got really, truly excited about a lip balm? Probably sometime in 2003, when you spent your birthday money on a glittery Limited Too stick or Maybelline Baby Lips (hey, still a classic!) that you immediately lost. Well, the world of balms has come a long way since your middle school days, and today’s formulas are now available tinted, stained, and plumping; long-lasting or quick-dry; cheap or pricey—basically, whatever it is that your lips, and your wallet, have been crying out for. Not to mention, the same hydrating ingredients you look for in skincare products have finally found their way into the lip category.

If you want truly kissable (and honestly, just comfortable) lips, you’ll need a good formula that’s made specifically to soften, hydrate, and even the texture of your lips. To make the journey a billion times easier, we searched the internet (and our own purses and medicine cabinets) for our absolute favorites, both classic and current. Here, we present to you the very best lip balms, treatments, stains, salves, and crayons you’ll actually be excited to slather on each day.

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