26 Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Products: Zero-Waste, Plastic-Free

Making the effort to integrate low and zero waste products into your beauty routine can sound a little, well, not very glamorous. As an accessories editor who spends most of the day studying insanely gorgeous jewels and super sexy stilettos, people sometimes look confused when I’m raving about my favorite shampoo bar. But I’m always down to find products that are up to my high standards but also make me feel good about what I leave behind.

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So, how can you make your beauty routine less wasteful?

A huge part of embracing the effort to become less wasteful in my beauty routine started with assessing the things I already have. I mean, everyone can relate to beauty hoarding and the thrill of adding a new lip color or eyeliner into the mix. Before trying any of these products, I’d recommend first using up what you already have and keeping your key products on a good schedule. Once you’ve realized what you really can and cannot live without, start swapping your go-tos for ones with better packaging (and, most times, better ingredients).

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