26 Best Movies of 2020 | Top New 2020 Films

In spite of, well, everything else that happened in 2020, this year saw an exciting slate of new movies (and some more that saw their release dates get pushed to 2021—more on that in a minute). Among the best and most anticipated flicks of 2020 were some remakes/reboots (of course) as well as a few superhero movies (a Hollywood staple). But there were also some original ideas and big gambles—a nice (and necessary) balance of the nostalgic and the new.

Note: Many of these movies have been delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic, so we’ve updated the release dates accordingly. Which means, unfortunately, that some of the movies will be or have been pushed back to 2021. But we’ll keep the films on here, since they were originally slated for 2020.

Bad Boys for Life

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