27 Best Drama Movies of 2020 | New Drama Films

I’ve said it before: Drama, when done well, can elevate any movie genre. On this list, we have some romance, sci-fi, horror, and action—but each promises to have a stellar dramatic narrative. We already know 2020 has given us some great films, and these are no exception. Plus, there are more great dramas to come, and this list is going to get a lot longer as more movies come out. We’ll keep this article updated as we get more 2020 dramatic gems.

Note: The coronavirus pandemic has impacted movies’ scheduled release dates, so that’s up in the air for a lot of these films. We may see some of these—I’m thinking Dune in particular, which is a huge and complicated production—get pushed to 2021. I’ll keep the post current with new dates and whether the films (like Invisible Man) are already available to stream from home. Here’s hoping we get the chance to watch these fabulous dramatic gems soon, but I’ll keep you updated either way. 


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