27 Best Shopping Apps 2022 | Top Fashion and Home Apps

Online shopping is great and all, but when retailers make it even easier to nab the latest fashion trends via a fast, easy-to-use app—especially when some provide insane discounts just for signing up—it would be a sin not to take advantage of it. For example, Revolve Clothing offers a 10 percent discount for first-time shoppers who make purchases on its app. And if you’re wondering—yes, I’ve downloaded the app just to receive such a discount. Plus, most apps have alert notifications for new arrivals or sales, so you never miss any of the news.

How does one know what apps to download, though? Well, we’ve done some preliminary research and found a good mix of options from fashion to home to apps that give you back money as you shop. After all, curating your shoppable app collection should be like curating a collection of books. The more useful ones you have, the better of a chance you’ll have in not only scoring secret deals but also scooping up that latest dress or that Instagram-worthy chair before any of your friends do.

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