275+ Funny, Best, Cool, Good, Sweaty Clan names, Clash of Clans & PUBG clan names.

Looking for a great clan name for your COC, PUBG and COD clans? Here’s a list of good, cool, funny, best, and sweaty clan names – plus an additional list of Vikings clan names, goblin clan names, dwarf clan names, and gaming clan names to help you out.

The gaming landscape is going through a serious transformation with new players bringing in their A-game to the platforms. The opportunity to stream games on sites like Twitch – plus the increasing interest and viewership numbers have contributed to gaming being considered a serious sport. With increasing stakes, more and more gamers are aspiring to go pro.

If you’re a serious gamer with dreams of playing professionally, you are probably looking to form a strong clan. Games like Fortnite, Clash of Clans, Call of Duty, and Everquest are all examples where players get to compete in groups called “clans” to defeat other groups. Forming a strong, undefeated clan requires a lot of hard work. With brilliant strategy, teamwork and camaraderie, you can surely progress. But having a cool-sounding clan name is essential to forming a good impression on other teams.

Where most teams settle for lame clan names, you can choose to be different. In this article, we have outlined a foolproof guide to help you choose the best clan names – along with multiple lists of clan name suggestions for you to pick and choose.


  1. How to come up with a good Clan name?
  2. Clash of Clans Clan names
  3. PUBG Clan names
  4. Good Clan names
  5. Cool Clan names
  6. Funny Clan names
  7. Sweaty Clan names

  8. Viking Clan names
  9. Dwarf Clan names
  10. Gaming Clan names
  11. Goblin Clan names

How to come up with a good Clan name?

There are a few things to consider while choosing a perfect clan name for your team. We have listed down the basic rules you can follow while coming up with your clan name.

  1. Firstly, aim to understand the game rules of your chosen game and form a robust strategy.
  2. Based on your strategy and the overall vibe of your clan – try to come up with a clan name. For example, if your clan is more aggressive, offense strategy based, then you can choose an intimidating name like “Death Machine” or “Blood Riders”.
  3. Make sure to abide by the username length rules for the game you are playing. The name length limit might differ from game to game.
  4. Draw inspiration from pop and sci-fi references to keep things fun.
  5. Use your creative side to come up with unique names. You can also add puns or clever word plays.
  6. Use symbols or special characters to make sure your name is unique.
  7. List all the names down and then choose the one that your team thinks is best.
  8. Try to avoid offensive names that might cause unnecessary trouble.

You can either follow these rules or choose from the names listed down below. We have provided a huge list of good, cool, funny, sweaty, best clan names – along with Clash of Clans clan names and PUBG clan names. If you are looking for clan names from a specific genre worry not cause we have also included a long list of Viking clan names, dwarf clan names, gaming clan names, and goblin clan names.

Clash of Clans Clan names

Clash of Clans is one of the coolest games out there. Therefore, choosing a great clan name becomes even more important. So here’s a list of the best Clash of Clans clan names to help you out.


  1. The Kingsguard
  2. Guardian Angels
  3. Undefeated Warriors
  4. Elite Sapiens
  5. Chaotic Tornadoes
  6. The Last Army
  7. Ruthless Killers
  8. Exiled Fighters
  9. The Mercenary Army
  10. The Kingsman Guard
  11. Blood Riders
  12. War Heroes
  13. Destroyers
  14. The Undead Army
  15. Royal Alliance
  16. King Pins
  17. Mauling Monsters
  18. Chaos_is_a_ladder
  19. Lasting Impressions
  20. Boiled in Blood

  21. No_Remorse_Kills
  22. Born from Ashes
  23. Phoenix Angels
  24. Demons of Dispatch
  25. ClashofClowns

PUBG Clan names

Recently launched PUBG has very quickly climbed all the best mobile games lists. It’s imperative you choose a great name for your clan on PUBG. Here’s a list of the most amazing PUBG clan names.


  1. Road Rash Assassins
  2. The Cool Gang
  3. Unafraid to Win
  4. Stewarts of Death
  5. Siege of the Age
  6. Freestyle gunshots
  7. Eye_for_an_Eye
  8. Gun Fire
  9. Craig’s Kill List
  10. The Deadly Crew
  11. Dropstotzz
  12. Landminers
  13. PUBGamers
  14. PUBGforLife
  15. Kira’s Gunshots
  16. DeathTango
  17. Emo Warriors
  18. Online_all_day
  19. PUBGites
  20. Eagle Eyes

  21. Death Falcon
  22. PUBG Androids
  23. Grim Minds
  24. HideYourSelf
  25. PUBGstriker

Good Clan names

Good clan names are hard to find. But worry not we have done the work for you. Here is a list of good clan names for you to use.

  1. BladeRunnerzzzz
  2. RightHandMen
  3. VirusLoadGuns
  4. Female Assassins
  5. Oceans99
  6. Warlords and Heroes
  7. Kill Machines
  8. NastyHeadshots
  9. Inside Jokes
  10. Pixel Killers
  11. Daughters of Victory
  12. The Undead Flame
  13. Breaker of Chains
  14. Cinderella Lovers
  15. Crush the Armies
  16. Dauntless Clan
  17. Erudites
  18. Firm Allegiance
  19. RedForceArmy

  20. Party Crashers
  21. Deathly Lightning
  22. The Matrix Clan
  23. CrushtheCrowds
  24. Special Force 2.0
  25. Ladybug Army

Cool Clan names

Looking cool is the ultimate goal for coming with a good clan name. So here’s a list of cool clan names to help you out.

  1. Inimical Thugs
  2. FlickYourWands
  3. WingardiumLeviosas
  4. ClashWithTheBabes
  5. Marine Warlocks
  6. Negative Auroras
  7. Guilty Perfectionists
  8. Killing Sprees
  9. Blood and Bones
  10. Busted
  11. Death Eaters
  12. Skywalkers
  13. Pirates of PUBG
  14. Disciplined Troops
  15. The Unsullied
  16. Grenade Gang
  17. Band Of Killers
  18. Rattle Snakes
  19. Savage Princesses

  20. Always Winning
  21. Psychopath Raiders
  22. Band of Gangsters
  23. Brotherhood of Immortals
  24. Charlie’s Angels
  25. Thanos Clan

Funny Clan names

Clan names provide a good opportunity to show your team’s creative edge and funny side. So here’s a list of funny clan names.

  1. Debuggers
  2. Master Spinners
  3. Nan’s Gang
  4. God’s Favourite Children
  5. Les Miserables
  6. Woofing Wardogs
  7. Sauron’s Eye
  8. ZeustheLORAX
  9. FreakShowHere
  10. Jolly Old Gang
  11. Salsa with Death
  12. Horse Riders
  13. TokyoGhouls
  14. Winter Born
  15. Band of Alpha’s
  16. Aesthetic Kills
  17. Uncivilized Fools
  18. Killing with Vibes
  19. Fight for Paradise

  20. Basic Queens
  21. Salty Spiders
  22. Sweet Munchkins
  23. Nerd’s Chilling
  24. Order of Phoenix
  25. Little Pony Parody

Sweaty Clan names

All gamers are looking for the top lists of sweaty clan names. To help you out, here’s a list of Sweaty clan names.

  1. Coco melon Lovers
  2. Pewdiepie Gang
  3. Fuelled with Frenzy
  4. Noobs with keyboards
  5. Snipers on Missions
  6. SnipersGonnaSnipe
  7. DharmaBoys
  8. Killer Bots
  9. Cyborgs Raging
  10. Dharamputras
  11. ProHeadshooters
  12. Shoot the Heart
  13. Ghost Apprentice
  14. Shanks Hotshots
  15. Jabba The Hutt
  16. Dothrak Apprentice
  17. Low Blood Sugar
  18. Elite Bureau
  19. Instinct Kills

  20. Black Cape Warriors
  21. DarkEyes
  22. Mutable Monsters
  23. Masked Heros
  24. Glad to Kill
  25. Blood Thirsty

Best Clan names

Here’s the list of Best Clan names that you can pick and choose or take inspiration from to create your own.

  1. Mortified Coercion
  2. Juno Murnos
  3. Belshites
  4. Leslie Jacks
  5. Ace Runners
  6. Ice and Fire
  7. Thunder Storms
  8. Martyrs
  9. Masked Mercenaries
  10. Ghouls
  11. Nocturnals
  12. Mortified Shields
  13. Drill Warriors
  14. Death Storm
  15. Optics
  16. Minefields
  17. Rage with Corona
  18. Beer Bellies
  19. Salem’s Soul

  20. Blood of Soil
  21. Leagues of Legends
  22. ProStack Gamer
  23. Static Coercion
  24. Collateral Damage
  25. Final Striker

Viking Clan names

Looking for a cool Viking-inspired clan name? Here’s the list of the very best Viking clan names. 

  1. Off the Shores
  2. Medieval Men
  3. Optimal Aces
  4. Long legions
  5. Bounty Kills
  6. Cowboys
  7. Peace Makers
  8. Odin’s Army
  9. Rage of Ragnar
  10. Athelstan
  11. Germanic Guild
  12. Recoons
  13. Men of North
  14. Lateral Yields
  15. Assault of Alchemy
  16. Influencers
  17. Amber Skies
  18. Underdog Clan
  19. Dystopian Alliance

  20. Avenging Souls
  21. The Revenge Saga
  22. Skirmishes
  23. Barbarian Clan
  24. Clan X
  25. Combative Warriors

Dwarf Clan names

Dwarf names are hard to find but worry not, here’s a list of Dwarf clan names. 

  1. Covert Destroyers
  2. Dancing Devils
  3. Tiny Beards
  4. Copper Pots
  5. Iron Heart
  6. The Littles
  7. Silver Domers
  8. Goldfield clans
  9. Clementine Clans
  10. Magic Dwarfs
  11. Hessonian Hemingways
  12. Kunzite Clansman
  13. Berylites
  14. Citrinites
  15. Tanzanians
  16. Taaffeite Miners
  17. Kunzite Crystals
  18. Mounthall
  19. Thunder Manipulator

  20. Ice magic clan
  21. Blood of Ice
  22. Winter Hill Dwellers
  23. Stone Bros
  24. Lazy Dwarfs
  25. Magical Beings

Gaming Clan names

Here’s a list of gaming clan names.

  1. Keyboard Warriors
  2. Coffee Drinking Ninjas
  3. Hand Eye Coordination
  4. One with the Couch
  5. Pink boys
  6. Moon Pies
  7. Geeks on Pc
  8. Summer Child
  9. Bamboozled
  10. Anonymous Army
  11. Broken Bones
  12. Girls Gamers
  13. Fast Fingers
  14. Caffeine Addicts
  15. DestructaX
  16. The Crimson Curse
  17. Randos’ on Internet
  18. Lost Cause

  20. Walking Pegasus
  21. Dandaloonians
  22. Shackle Breakers
  23. Bested On Screen
  24. School of Pixels
  25. Loony Loony Tails

Goblin Clan names

Goblin names always end up sounding funny. Here’s a list of the best Goblin clan names. 

  1. Dorks of Duadel
  2. Salem Skinnies
  3. Gobsmacked Goblins
  4. Goblinopolisis
  5. Goblets of Goblin
  6. Gobnormous Army
  7. Goblin Atti
  8. The Goblin Divinity
  9. Goblinoholic
  10. Impoverished Goblinites
  11. GobFem
  12. Goblin Lads
  13. Jolly Golly
  14. Goblin Magic
  15. Mane of Gob
  16. Goblin Delights
  17. Mr. Goblin’s Army
  18. Goblin Trees
  19. Gibberish Goblins
  20. Happy Goblins
  21. Goblin Sisterhood
  22. GobMacatites
  23. Goblin Bloodline
  24. Hungry Vultures
  25. Shape Shifters

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