28 Best Shampoos and Conditioners for Every Hair Type 2022

I know perfection is supposed to be unattainable, and for the most part, it is. But if searching for the perfect shampoo is wrong, we don’t want to be right. For many women, choosing a shampoo and conditioner is kind of like dating—you’ll settle for the one that’s right in front of you (read: the bottle near checkout). But as more variety becomes available and shampoo formulas become more refined, the pickier you want and need to become. The perfect match is out there, and once you find it, you’ll never look back.

As rote as it seems, haircare needs to be taken as seriously as skincare is. Different formulas work for different types and tones, and what might work for your best friend might spell disaster for your look. That said, it can be tough to wade through the sea of new releases and old classics, which is why Marie Claire‘s editors wanted to offer some insight when it comes to your haircare blind dating. Some of us are curly girls, some of us rock natural hair, and some of us have stick-straight strands, but we’ve all put our heads together to share our go-to shampoo and conditioner picks for every hair type. So whether your hair is frizz-prone to heat-damaged to perfectly healthy, it’s time to stock up on our favorite shampoo and conditioners below. And no matter that, always feel free to use “washing my hair” as an excuse get out of a date.

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