28 Warm Halloween Costumes 2020 | Costume Ideas for Cold Weather

In college, less was more when it came to Halloween costumes. I would walk out in my fairy costume, which was just a sequin green minidress with wings, without a coat on, in 50-degree weather. It was either brave the cold or risk having a stranger spill jungle juice on my jacket, so I braved it. I survived all four years of wearing barely-there costumes, huddling with my friends as we waited for car rides to parties. Fast forward to post-college life and I can not imagine leaving my house on October 31 in anything other than my puffer coat. (If I leave the house at all. Grandma life is the best.) I now pick out my costumes based on the level of warmness it provides. A koala animal onesie? Very warm. A “sexy” Alice in Wonderland dress? Not so warm.

Whether you’re taking your nieces and nephews on a social distance trick-or-treating or hosting something virtually with friends this season, I came up with several cute yet cozy and warm Halloween outfit ideas for you. The looks all center around a jacket, coat, blazer, and even a robe. If you hate the cold, join me in staying covered up on Oct. 31.

1. North West 

Kim Kardashian

(Image credit: Marc Piasecki / Getty images)

Who’s the most fashionable child star in the Kardashian family? That would be North West. She’s worn many memorable outfits, which I have recounted here, including this monochrome orange look. It was bold, daring, and required a true fashionista to rock it. Whether you chose to play the role of North or Kim on Oct. 31, you already won the costume contest.

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