33 Best Nerf Sword And Shield Sets, Parent-Approved 2021

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Toys that mimic weaponry represent a hard choice for parents. If you’re here, you’re looking for the best Nerf swords and shields probably for this reason — it’s a good solution to the ethical dilemma. Some parents, understandably, feel that these toys promote violence and won’t allow them in the house. Other parents place a Nerf toy sword and shield set (as well as Nerf guns) in a category that’s far better than toy guns, as the kids swords and shields can spark creative stories of magic, fantasy lands, and medieval times.

If you’re leaning toward the creative storytelling angle, you still want your kids to be safe when playing with a toy sword and shield combination. Plastic swords and shields are inexpensive and plentiful, but they can break, creating sharp edges, and they hurt when the play becomes a little too rough. (And you know it will.)

To try to keep play with toy swords and shields as safe as possible, count on foam and Nerf toys to keep unintended injuries to a minimum. This type of foam, especially the Nerf brand, is durable too. So check out our list of the 33 best foam and Nerf toy swords and shields for some imaginative, fun, and — mostly — safe playtime. (Now, if you have a child who’s accident prone, we can’t guarantee that even these foam shields and swords will prevent a trip to the ER. But they’ll lower the odds.)

Best Nerf Swords

This long Nerf sword has great colors and an authentic look that kids are sure to love. With the right other straps on hand, you can carry this sword on your back like a pro.

$94.99 AT AMAZON

Sure, Nerf swords are great for simulating combat from medieval times. But when you really want to go medieval, nothing delivers quite the intimidation of a mace axe. Trust us. It’s terrifying in the hands of a 6-year-old.

$64.23 AT AMAZON

Attach this hatchet sword to your Nerf blaster, and you’ll have a little extra weaponry for close-up combat. This is part of the Nerf zombie strike series, and as we all know, you can never have enough weapons when zombies are involved.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Sure, the Fortnite rules say a harvesting tool is not meant to be used as a sword weapon … but rules are for chumps, and this Nerf blade looks like it could do some serious damage in combat (even if it actually can’t because of the foam construction).

$32.99 AT AMAZON

Best Toy Swords

When you want some foam toy swords that look great for play time or to add to a costume, you’ll have plenty of choices with this set of eight. Admit it. You’ve always wanted to dress up like a pirate, but you just haven’t found the right sword to add to the costume. Now you will. You’re welcome.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

If you were a fan of the ThunderCats franchise, this sword is a great-looking prop. With a blade length of 2 1/2 feet, this is an intimidating sword with impressive detailing, even if it’s all foam. Thundercats, ho! (Maybe don’t yell that catchphrase while you’re playing with the sword around the kids, especially if they’re looking to record some social media videos for their friends to laugh at. And especially don’t do it when you’re wearing your homemade Lion-O costume. No one wants to see that.)

$19.99 AT AMAZON

When little kids want to play with foam swords, a really long blade presents more of a tripping hazard than danger from the foam blade. So these daggers are just the right size for little hands who want to play too.

$16.99 AT AMAZON

When you’re more concerned with the authentic look of your Nerf sword, this battle sword has impressive detailing. No matter how sharp and dangerous it looks in this photo, just remember that it’s still foam.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

When it comes to famous swords, there’s Excalibur and a whole lot of wannabes. This Excalibur replica consists of foam with multiple great details that make it nice for play time, a costume prop, or a display piece (where you want to be the kind of person who’s cool enough to have a sword collection, but you’re also the kind of person who has kids who can’t be trusted around real swords).

$22.25 AT AMAZON

Now, we’re not sure how many elementary age kids are fans of Game of Thrones. (We’re hoping not many of them have seen it to become fans.) But if you’re a fan, this replica foam sword has impressive details, and your kid doesn’t have to know exactly why you like the sword.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

This is an amazing foam sword for kids, delivering impressive detail and fun colors that are perfect for play time. With a foam sword like this, you can be sure the kid’s imagination will run wild, sparking creative play.

$59.99 AT AMAZON

Sometimes, when you want to make something extra cool, you just add a skull to it. (Metallica knows what we’re talking about.) This foam sword uses a skull at the tip of the handle, creating a menacing weapon that is still soft enough for play time.

$29.95 AT AMAZON

Why settle for a foam sword with one blade, when you can have a double blade sword that looks like the real thing? This sword measures 42 inches in length, so it’s plenty intimidating, even for foam.

$29.99 AT AMAZON

For kids who are more interested in Asian culture than medieval times, this replica foam katana will be a cherished toy. It has a 41-inch length and just enough detail that it also works nicely as a display piece.

$22.25 AT AMAZON

A Samurai must carry a sword, so this foam replica allows your child to complete the look for play time or a costume. This one ships with a plastic scabbard to protect the foam sword while the kid is walking. And, as we all know, a kid who is just walking can inexplicably do significant damage to walls, toys, and tons of other things. How? No one knows, and it’s probably better that way.

$28.95 AT AMAZON

When it’s time to upgrade from toy foam swords to some training foam swords, these 35-inch practice swords are a nice upgrade. The set ships with two training swords, so you can begin sparring immediately.

$38.00 AT AMAZON

These don’t have the traditional shape of Nerf swords, but, quite honestly, we couldn’t pass up adding a product from a company called WhomBatz to our list. And let’s face facts: Little kids are more about swinging their Nerf swords with power and less about the delicate intricacies of mastering the blade. Trust us, these will fit the bill.

$34.99 AT AMAZON

Let’s be real. Although one Nerf sword is great, you really need two at a time. Sure, you could give one kid a Nerf sword and another kid a long cardboard tube at play time … guaranteeing that the kid with the cardboard will develop an inferiority complex that will be discussed in length in a therapist’s office in 20-30 years. Instead, purchase this pair of swords, so each kid can have one.


Best Nerf Shields

For those who own the Nerf Modulus blaster, this blast shield connects to the tactical rails, giving you extra protection while attacking. This shield could be the difference between winning and suffering a humiliating loss that will haunt you for years to come.


This shield protects the wearer and serves as a storage location for Nerf Elite and Mega darts, so it doubles the mischief. Yay!


This battle vest has a hard shell to shield your body from Nerf darts and swords, and you can hold 10 darts for storage. It has an adjustable fit, which is nice.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

When you take your Nerf sword and dart play seriously, you need a tactical vest to shield your body from harm. This one will either make you look like a pro or a nerd. Either way, you’ll intimidate your Nerf enemies.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

Nerf toys aren’t known for their ability to put an eye out like, say, a certain BB gun that a certain kid named Ralphie wanted as a Christmas gift in a certain movie. But even Nerf toys can do some damage, so this face mask shield is a smart safety choice. Plus, it looks cool, so kids often will wear it willingly … we hope.

$14.49 AT AMAZON

Best Toy Shields

The Legend of Zelda has fans of all ages, so having a chance to use a foam shield from this franchise will be a lot of fun. The light blue shield has all of the artwork details you’d expect to find.

$24.94 AT AMAZON

If you love Zelda, you’re going to want to pair the foam shield with this foam sword. This Zelda foam sword is pretty durable, which is great for rambunctious kids (so, all of them), and it looks amazing.

$22.56 AT AMAZON

The Viking inspired artwork on this shield looks great, and it even simulates vintage wood planks. (And if the child’s father doesn’t like this one, because he believes a Viking shield should be purple and gold, he may be watching a bit too much football.)

$24.99 AT AMAZON

For a traditional looking shield from medieval times, this golden eagle shield has the right shape. The eagle isn’t quite as scary as some of the lion and dragon adorned shields, either, which is helpful for making sure your kid isn’t spending the next week asking to sleep in your bed from bad dreams.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

When playing with foam swords and shields, some kids just want to play as rough as possible. Understandable. That’s what foam is for, after all. But if your kid is more about imagining the knights and dragons from medieval times while playing, this dragon shield has great artwork and a traditional shape.

$23.99 AT AMAZON

One of the most iconic symbols from medieval times is the triple stacked lions passant-guardant from Richard the Lionheart. This foam shield uses impressive detailing to depict these symbols. (Of course, you’ll need to now explain to your kids what lions passant-guardant means, but that’s what Google is for.)

$13.99 AT AMAZON

When it’s time to play with foam shields and swords, dragons, lions, and knights are all good for rescuing the damsel in distress. Sometimes, though, the princess wants to save herself. And with this sword and shield set, she can do it in style.

$24.99 AT AMAZON

For kids who love cool and scary artwork, this foam shield and sword will meet both demands. The roaring lion head on both items has amazing detail. (We’ll hope that it’s just scary enough for fun and not scary enough to create nightmares.)

$24.99 AT AMAZON

When little brother and sister want to join in on the Nerf sword and shield fun, this mini sized shield and sword set is just right. Odds of play time with older siblings ending in tears for the little one? We’ll guess 50/50. But at least you gave it the old college try.

$12.99 AT AMAZON

This kit ships with two great-looking foam shields and swords. We’re not sure they’ll stand up to the roughhousing that brand name Nerf shields and swords can handle, but they’re an inexpensive, introductory foam toy for preschoolers.

$10.99 AT AMAZON


If you aren’t quite sure whether sword and shield toys, even those made of foam, are safe enough for your child, we understand. We have many more toy guides that may fit better with what you’re seeking.


Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

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