41 Side Jobs for Nurses [Complete 2022 List]

There are many side jobs for nurses looking to make some extra cash during their free time.

Whether you’re looking to pay off some debt, or save for retirement, there’s sure to be a side job perfect for you.

In this post, I’ll explore some of the best side jobs for nurses, how to get started, and how much money you could make. Let’s get started.

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Best Side Hustles for Nurses

These are the 40 best side jobs for a registered nurse in need of a side hustle. You can easily earn some extra cash by taking on any of these roles in your spare time.

You might find something that you love doing on the side of your nursing career.

Telehealth Nursing

A telehealth nurse delivers care over the phone or computer, rather than in person. This job would allow you to earn extra money without leaving your home. It also keeps you safe from interacting with sick patients directly throughout your day.

As a telehealth nurse, you would:

  • Take patient calls via a video service or phone
  • Recommend them a course of action with their illness
  • Assess situations based on symptoms and injuries

A telehealth nurse is a little different than being a normal nurse, and it will earn you some extra money in the process. Telehealth nurses make about $72,000 full-time, so you can earn a good sum even if it is not your main source of income.

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Deliver for DoorDash

DoorDash is easy to sign up for online. All you need is your car and a driver’s license and you are good to go. You can deliver for DoorDash on your way home from work, on the weekends, or whenever works best for you.

DoorDash is great because it is flexible. You decide what hours work best for you.

Get Groceries

Many apps and grocery stores hire drivers to pick up groceries for other people. You can see what is available in your area, or check online to locate an app that will pay you.

These tasks can be taken on your own time. You can even choose what orders you do to ensure that you are getting the most income for the time you spend.

My favorite platform is Instacart. You can earn over $25 per delivery making it a great side job to make extra money.

Medical Transcriptionist

A certified medical transcriptionist takes a recording that is made by a medical professional and then puts it into writing. They also correct documents that are created with voice recognition software to see if everything appears to be correct within the paper.

As a registered medical transcriptionist, you will make around $30,000 a year full-time, so even if you are a part-time medical transcriptionist you would still earn quite a bit.

First Aid Instructor

If you want to stay in the nursing field with your side hustle, you can look into becoming a first aid instructor. Many people are required to take a first aid course during their life, especially if they are going into a new job. You have the nursing skills that would permit you to teach this course well.

Being a first aid instructor is a simple job. You will:

  • Provide a training course for students to master first aid basics
  • Administer tests to monitor mastery of the course
  • Give out certifications to those who pass

On average, this type of instructor will make around $57,000. This is full-time. A part-time instructor might make about half of that if they put the work in. All you need to do is get a learning certificate from the Red Cross and you are good to go.

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CPR Instructor

A CPR instructor is a natural fit for those in the nursing profession that need some extra money. It’s a format of health coaching that many companies require for their employees, so you know that there will always be some kind of work out there for you.

In your day as an instructor, you would:

  • Educate groups on CPR
  • Demonstrate basic safety skills
  • Distribute certificates accordingly

A CPR instructor will make about the same as a first aid instructor. Often, the roles are combined into one. You can often create your own hours, teaching during the week or on the weekend if you would prefer. Again, all you need to do is get a certification and you are good to go.

Best Side Hustles for Nurses - Caregiver

Part-Time Caregiver

Part-time caregivers work with an individual who is stuck inside their home. While it might seem like a regular nursing job, it is not. Part-time caregiver jobs are focused on a single person’s quality of life. They don’t take up a ton of your time, and you will be changing an individual’s entire world while you earn extra money.

You will essentially be an in-home nurse, helping the patient with whatever they need. Staffing agencies will pay around $27,000. All you need to do is show that you have experience and they will hire you.

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Camp Nurse

Camp nurses typically only work during the summer, though some locations are in need of medical help all year long. This side job is typically pretty simple. You will be stationed at a campsite, and you will need to:

  • Understand basic first aid
  • Administer bandages and various ointments
  • Be able to contact the hospital if there is are health concerns out of your expertise

A camp nurse is a little more laid-back than that of a hospital nurse, providing necessary healthcare services to a younger audience. This position also works well if you have a child that will be in camp at the same time. Camp nurses make around $40,000, so it’s a pretty solid side hustle.

Medical Coding

As a medical coder, you will enter various textual information into a computer as code. Often, this includes patient data. All you need to do is complete a short, one-year certificate and you will be qualified to perform this task.

A medical coder can make around $37,000 a year, so it’s a great source of extra cash. It’s a job quickly rising in demand, so if you think you have the skills for this position you should take it on.

Immunization Nurse

Flu season brings about the need for flu shots. Many nurses are needed to administer those vaccines to prevent the spread of disease, which leaves nursing jobs available for those that need them. Often these are part-time, which is ideal for you.

This side job could potentially earn you around $57,000 a year, so if you only do it for a season you will be earning a good amount. Flu vaccines will always be around.

Investments That Pay You Monthly - Blog

Nurse Blogger

A nurse blogger will take the information that they know and turn it into blog posts. Often, these can be patient-focused education articles that provide knowledge a person should know about health. You can even document your daily work in this position.

You can start your blog by making a free website. From there, you might be able to earn up to $50,000 a year if you get a lot of people that read your posts.

Course Creator

As a registered nurse, you have a vast amount of knowledge. You might be able to turn this knowledge into various classes, which you can either sell or teach for extra cash.

A course creator makes their own hours. You will manufacture each lesson on your own time, which you can then release online or teach in person. Some course creators can earn around $60,000 full-time, so if this takes off for you it can be a great source of extra money.

This can be one of the best side jobs for nurses because of how lucrative it can be. The passive income you generate from your courses can be extraordinary.


A phlebotomist is someone who is involved with the drawing of blood. You need to be okay with seeing it a lot if you are going to master this position.

A phlebotomist will:

  • Draw blood from various patients
  • Keep track of data
  • Perform screenings

You have all of the training that you need, so you can simply shadow a phlebotomist in preparation for this job. Part-time phlebotomists make about $30,000, so it’s a pretty decent side job.

Nurse Educator

A nurse educator prepares nurses for entry into nursing jobs. In this position, you will create a curriculum and act as an advisor or role model for incoming nurses. Being a nurse educator works best if you are a veteran of the field.

On average, a nurse educator will earn around $80,000 full-time. This might even be a position that you could transfer into full-time.

Freelance Health Writer

If you have any form of writing ability, you can turn that into a side job online. Many companies need healthcare writing for their sites to grow. If you know how to market yourself properly, you can get noticed by these groups and earn extra cash with your words.

There are many, many companies and websites looking for freelance writers and specifically healthcare writers. You can easily work from home and earn a decent amount in your spare time.

Nurse writers are people whose skills are highly in-demand making it one of the best side jobs for nurses who like to write.

Birth Doula

A birth doula uses their nursing background to direct mothers through the birthing process in a natural way outside of the hospital. In this position, you will offer help leading up to the birth and then be present for the actual event.

Birth doulas often serve as a sort of nurse health coach. It is your duty to ensure that the mom you are caring for is empowered with the knowledge of what is happening to her. Full-time, you can earn around $45,000 a year.

Maternal Care Provider

You can take on maternal care as a nursing side hustle. This involves caring for mothers in all stages of pregnancy, from pre-birth to the care that comes after. Often, you will provide education for mothers in need of a little help.

Helping in maternal care brings about an average pay that differs based on what form of maternal care you are taking on. It’s a great side hustle, especially if it can be done in the same hospital that you nurse within.

Nurse Tutoring

Nurses still in school may be struggling with their work. Tutoring is one of those side jobs that can be done from virtually anywhere. You can work on campus, from your own home, and even online.

Tutors are most often paid by the hour, so you can charge what you feel is right. Often this number lands around $25. You can pick what you want based on what you need for your financial future.

Best Side Hustles for Nurses - Travel Nurse

Travel Nurse

A travel nurse moves from place to place to help those that are just out of reach or cannot leave their homes for healthcare.

These registered nurses move to different locations and help out a variety of different people. You will need to be comfortable moving your equipment around, but the pay can be excellent.

The average pay for a travel nurse falls around $40,000. This can be a great side hustle if you are already on the move and have the credentials of a registered nurse.

Medical Survey Taker

You can take surveys to earn money if you don’t mind spending a lot of time at the computer searching for good ones. Though medical surveys do not pay as much as other side jobs, they are one of the few side hustles of nurses that can be done from home.

You can look for medical surveys on various websites. They should be easy enough to find. You could potentially earn up to $36,000 a year if you work at it.

Health Coach

A health coach assists individuals in making lifestyle changes that improve their overall well-being. You work with individuals to help them select better food and lifestyle choices that will improve their health.

As a health coach, you might also:

  • Perform an evaluation of a patient
  • Provide guidelines for their life
  • Create personalized health plans

You likely have all of the skills that you need to take on this position. At an average salary of $48,000 a year, it’s a pretty solid form of extra income.

Selling Your Scrubs

Nurse scrubs can be worth a lot of money. Whenever you go through a pair, if it is in decent condition you may be able to sell them online for a good sum of money. You just need to wash them and ensure that they are fit enough for another person to wear in the future.

Once you have your cleaned, used scrubs, you can post them on marketplace locations or sell them in person. This won’t bring in too much extra income, but it is a good way to ensure a little more pay.

Dog Walker

Though dog walking is not the most glamorous job on this list, it will bring in extra income. You can walk dogs in the morning, afternoon, or whenever you are free. You can even set your own hours and have customers bring their dogs to you within that time period.

It’s a simple job. all you need to do to succeed is get the pup from point a to point b without issue. On average, a full-time dog walker will have an average pay of about $27,000 a year. Even if you are only doing it part-time, you should be able to make a good chunk of cash.


Babysitting is, like dog walking, not a glamorous job. However, it is often easy and takes place at night. This gives you a way to earn extra money without working too hard after your shift.

Your profession as a registered nurse may come in handy, as some parents might prefer knowing that you have that kind of training. You can most often find these jobs through family or friends.

Freelance Article Writer

If you know how to write, you don’t have to be a freelance writer for a specific genre. We talked about health writing, but you can also take on freelance writing by doing a style that you enjoy. This can include sports, nature, or even animals. If you can write, there is someone who will take your articles.

Freelance writing is easy to start on various websites targeted towards freelancers. You can market yourself on these, showcasing your skills, and you will quickly draw in customers. If you’re really good, you can make around $60,000 a year.

Survey Taker

You can take an online survey to bring in extra cash. These are often about any topic you could think of, with many offering between $5-$50 a survey. It’s not a lot, but this is one of those side jobs that can be done at any point in your day.

Taking online surveys is as simple as making an account on a website and linking a format of payment. You can do some research to see which ones are trustworthy beforehand.


A proofreader examines documents that have been written for errors. This can be health-related, such as with medical transcription, but it can also be for books or articles that are published online.

Proofreaders can earn up to $22 an hour, which is pretty good for a job only done in your off time. Proofreading is one of those side jobs that allows you to access your creative side.


If you’re good at painting, you should capitalize off of it. You can make an account on Etsy and sell your work to those who are willing to buy it.

All you need to make this happen is:

  • A computer
  • Paint
  • Canvases
  • Brushes
  • A way to ship

You’re all set with these items. Create, post, and wait for someone to show interest. Then, you can ship it to them and earn some money.

Jewelry Maker

A jewelry maker is in the same realm as a painter. You make your jewelry, take pictures, and post it to a site like Etsy. Customers can buy these items from you and you will ship them to them.

Jewelry making is especially profitable if you make creative pieces. Try to put your own unique spin on necklaces and earrings to ensure business.

Content Writer

A content writer creates articles, blogs, and website posts for companies that need them. It’s a lot like freelance writing, except you can work for a company as a content writer.

Often this job is done at home. On average, content writers can expect to make around $50,000, so expect to do well if you put your all into this on your time off.

Selling Your Stuff

If you have more stuff than you need, you can take the time to sell it online to others who may want it. Look for clothes, games, and even movies that you do not want. There is someone out there who will take it.

The best places to sell online include:

You can sell a little bit at a time, or go for it all at once. The better your images look, the more you will sell.

Travel Agent

A travel agent is a fun way to make money in your spare time. Many of them work from home, so you don’t need to go to a special office. As a travel agent, you will:

  • Recommend locations
  • Help families budget
  • Locate fun things to do
  • Find flights

A travel agent can bring in around $57,000 full-time. Expect to make less part-time. It will still be a good amount of income.

Virtual Assistant

Many people are in need of virtual assistants online. You can search for these jobs on freelancing sites, and they are easy to do from your home.

Virtual assistants can make around $67,000 full-time. Even if you are just doing it on the weekends, it can still be a great way to increase your cash flow.

Airbnb Host

If you have a spare room in your home, you can rent it out to earn extra income. You can choose the amount of time that people are permitted to stay in your home.

All you need to do is make an account and keep a clean space. The visitor will take care of the rest themselves through the site.


If you have a large following on Instagram, you can become an influencer. All you need to do is monetize yourself and post often. If brands can get more business through your posts, they will pay you.

Though you need to post often, being an influencer is a great way to earn passive income. The bigger you get, the more brands will reach out to you rather than the other way around.

Driver for Uber

Uber is an easy job to take on. If you have a car, you can become an Uber driver. All you need to do is sign up on the app and pass a safety assessment. From there you are good to go.

Uber jobs can be taken on your own time. It’s a flexible job that can bring you a decent chunk of money in your free time.

Manage Social Media

If you are experienced in social media, you can be a social media manager. In this job, you will have a client and you will:

  • Curate their brand
  • Ensure that what they post works
  • Post for them on the occasion

A social media manager can make around $50,000 if they are good. This job is also great because it can be done right from your phone.

Clean Houses

Cleaning houses is not a glamorous job, but it is straightforward and needed by a lot of people. As a house cleaner, you will:

  • Clean floors
  • Scrub counters
  • Polish furniture

A house cleaner can make $14 an hour, so if you do it on the weekends you should be able to bring in a decent amount of cash. If you’re good at cleaning, this should be easy to do.

Write an eBook

Not everybody can write, but if you can, it is super easy to publish an ebook online. You can create a creative novel, or you can write what you know from nursing. Once it’s done you can publish directly through Amazon.

Writing a book is a hard way to make money. However, if it is a hit on Amazon, you will make money based on advertisements and how many people buy it. It’s worth a shot if you have a passion.

Washing Cars

Washing cars could be a great way for you to earn money in your spare time. In the hotter months, many are on the lookout for a cheap way to get their cars clean. You could easily profit from this.

You can reasonably charge between $20-$25 a wash. This will bring in an extra sum of money that you can put into emergency savings.


Registered nurses can make excellent part time professors at community colleges and other schools.

Some nursing schools are always on the search for nurses and other healthcare professionals that understand medical terminology.

As a professor you’ll need to teach nursing students proper methods to give flu shots, care for patients, and much more.

Because this side job only requires you to work when school is in session, it is one of my favorite side hustles for nurses to grow their income.

Final Thoughts on the Best Side Jobs for Nurses

There are many side hustles for nurses that make sense for a variety of reasons depending on how much money you want to make. By picking up a few side hustles during your time off, you can make some extra money to pad your budget.

If you’re a registered nurse and need a side hustle to boost your income you might try medical transcription, wellness coaching, or working as a legal nurse consultant.

Do you have a favorite side job? Comment yours below!


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