47 Best Jobs Where You Work Alone in 2022 [Ultimate List]

Want to Work Alone? Check Out These Awesome Jobs!

For some people, working alone is a dream come true. Whether you are an introvert in all aspects of your life, or you just prefer to work in a calm, quiet environment where you can focus, there are plenty of career possibilities.

In this article, I’ll explore why jobs where you work alone are awesome and some of the best jobs where you work alone. Let’s get started.

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Why Jobs Where You Work Alone Are Perfect

What’s so great about working alone? Well, for someone who is introverted and usually prefers to be alone, the benefits are obvious. But what about people who are rather outgoing away from work? Even some of those people will find that they enjoy working alone. The following points highlight some of the many advantages.

Ability to Focus on Work

It’s hard to focus in the modern world. You probably have a smartphone in your pocket most of the day – if it isn’t already in your hand. Beyond your phone, there is television and radio, online videos, email, and on and on. In other words, distraction is around every corner. While working alone doesn’t get rid of those high-tech distractions, it can help you focus by reducing interruptions. Without people around to disrupt you at just the wrong time, you may be able to produce your best work.

Reduced Stress

Some people find it stressful to work in a busy office. Even if you have a lot of work to do, you may find your stress levels reduced when you are alone and able to relax while getting the job done. Check out this post to find some of my favorite low-stress jobs!

Flexibility at Work

While this is not always the case, working alone sometimes means you will have more flexibility in what you do throughout the day. If flexibility is important to you, keep that in mind while picking which kinds of jobs to pursue.

38 Top Jobs Where You Work Alone

Now that you are intrigued by the idea of working alone, let’s get down to business – what kinds of jobs offer this opportunity? There are a lot of them, so here we go!

Food Delivery Driver

Food delivery demand is at record highs, providing drivers a great opportunity to make money working alone in their free time.

Driving for websites like Doordash or Postmates can be the perfect gig if you have a few hours of free time during the week or throughout the weekend. 

It’s possible to make over $25 per hour driving as a food delivery driver so it’s certainly worth a shot. Sign up for Doordash to get started today!

Market Research

Many companies are willing to shell out cash for your opinions and this can be a great ways to make money working alone. 

One of the easiest methods to get paid for your opinions is by registering with a few of these high-paying survey sites below:

  • Swagbucks – get paid instantly when you complete surveys online (plus $5 signup bonus!)
  • InboxDollars – earn money for your opinions (free $5 reward when registering)
  • RewardSurvey – take surveys online to earn cash instantly (free $30 reward when completing your profile)
  • SurveyJunkie – make up to $50 per survey you complete
  • Opinion Outpost – make money fast taking surveys
  • Panda Research – earn up to $50 per survey taken

That’s not the only way to earn, however. For each person you refer, you can earn even more money. 

Bonus Tip: Register for Swagbucks to earn over $150 per hour for some focus group opportunities. These typically fill up in a hurry so register now!


This is perhaps the classic ‘work alone’ job, as working as a writer involves you spending plenty of quality time alone with a keyboard and word processor. Of course, working as a writer can take many forms, including freelance work or creating novels.

Transcription Work

In some ways, this is similar to writing – except as a transcriptionist, you’ll simply be typing out what other people have said. If you like the idea of being a writer but don’t feel you have the creativity required, working as a transcriptionist could be a good alternative.

Jobs Where You Work Alone - Bookkeeping


The amount you work alone as a bookkeeper depends on the type of organization you work for, and whether you work from home or an office. Either way, this is a position that tends to spend a lot of time solo, working on spreadsheets and keeping track of dollars and cents.


This is work that will only pay off for a select few. With that said, if you are extremely creative and good at making things other people like, you may consider creating crafts that you can sell online.

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Social Media Marketing

It’s somewhat ironic that a job all about connecting with other people is one where you work alone most of the time. That’s the case for social media marketers, especially if they work on a freelance basis.

Want to boost your income fast? Check out my ultimate guide to making money online for beginners!

Pet Sitting

Sometimes, pet owners need someone to watch their animals and care for them while they are away. Pet sitting is a great choice for those who don’t want to work with other people, but love animals!

Rover is my favorite apps to get paid to watch dogs. Register below to get started!

Voice Work

It was once extremely difficult to get into the field of voiceover work, but times have changed. If you have a great voice, and don’t mind investing in some basic equipment, you could seek out clients to pay for your services.

Digital Designer

There are some skills needed to get started as a designer, whether you plan to do web design, graphic design, or something similar. But once you are qualified and working, you’ll likely spend a lot of your time alone.


Scientists who work in research tend to spend long hours alone in the lab. That’s not going to be an exciting opportunity for everyone, but you just might find that you love the solitude and opportunity for progress that comes with this job.

Virtual Assistant

This job is the modern-day version of an office assistant. You’ll fill a variety of roles and perform various tasks, but they will be done from your home where you can work alone instead of in an office.


Another job related to the writing field, proofreading requires a different set of skills than creating your own content. In this role, you’ll carefully review content written by others to make sure it is free from errors.

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Build a blog or website. This isn’t a ‘job’ in the traditional sense, but many people earn a living from running their own website. You’ll get to work alone, but there is a lot of competition and you will need an interesting idea to stand out in a crowded market.

If you want to grow your blog, you’ll need to become a good copywriter. There are many different courses available, but this review of Filthy Rich Writer seems to be an excellent choice.

Driving a Truck

Is this a work from home job? Nope – but you certainly do spend most of your time alone. Truck drivers log long hours alone on the highways and freeways. Of course, training is required before you’ll be qualified for this position.

Check out these ways to make money with a truck!

Repair Person

Getting trained on how to perform repairs on a specific type of product or machine can put you in high demand with employers. You don’t work entirely alone, since you may need to visit homes or businesses to do the work, but you will often be on your own while doing the job.

Car Detailer

Many people love driving in a clean car each day but don’t have the time to do the work themselves. Cleaning a car is an enjoyable task where you can block out distractions and just focus on the finished product.

You can check out my post on how to start a car detailing business here!

House Cleaner

Just like with cars, people love having clean homes but have a hard time keeping up. You could start your own business in this space or pursue employment with an existing house cleaning company.


Want to not only work by yourself but outside, as well? Landscaping and gardening are something that many people enjoy anyway, so you could pursue a career and get paid for your passion. There is a lot of joy to be found in making outdoor spaces beautiful.


How much you are actually alone as a chef will depend on the kind of kitchen you work in and who you serve. For those who love to cook, finding the right employment opportunity could lead to plenty of alone time while you create tasty food for customers to enjoy.

Park Ranger

Many nature lovers dream of working as a park ranger. These individuals do plenty of hard work, but they get to spend time in beautiful places and are frequently working alone or with one other person.

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Jobs Where You Work Alone - Butcher


Getting back to the food industry, pursuing a career as a butcher will usually leave you working behind the scenes rather than dealing with customers all day long. This choice is not right for someone with a weak stomach!


Like some of the other jobs on our list, how much you work alone as a photographer depends on what kind of photography you would like to do. A wedding photographer is around people all day, of course, but a nature photographer has plenty of peace and quiet.

Delivery Driver

For a job that is in demand at the moment and only seems destined to grow, look at becoming a delivery driver. With so many millions of people shopping online, all of those packages need to be delivered in a timely manner. And while out in your truck, you’ll be alone all day.

App Developer

Love technology? Learn to code and you can dive deep into the process of creating a functional app for a business or organization. The skills required for this work are significant, but many people love the process and what they learn along the way.

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With so many modern jobs revolving around technology, it’s easy to overlook ‘old school’ professions that are still very much in demand. Every building has plumbing, so working in this field provides an ongoing demand along with plenty of alone time.


This is a very similar field to plumbing, except you’ll be working with wires rather than pipes. Proper training and certification are necessary before you can expect to find work as an electrician.

Auto Mechanic

Another job that fits into the ‘old school’ category. If you love cars, a trade school education could prepare you to work as an auto mechanic. There is some interaction with other people, of course, but a lot of your time will be spent under the hood.

Medical Coding

The healthcare industry is huge, and many of the positions in this field work with people all day long. Coding specialists are a bit different, however, so this could be a good option if you like to work alone but want to be in healthcare.

Security Guard

Finding the right job in the security guard industry could leave you spending most of your time alone shift after shift. Look for security companies that guard commercial properties if you would like to be alone while on duty.

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Rideshare Driver

Okay – so this one might not sound much like working alone. However, as a ride share driver, you are going to spend quite a bit of time alone in between fares. And, some of your passengers won’t want to chat, so much of this work is done in solitude. 


There isn’t much in the way of glamour here but working as a janitor will allow you to be alone for a good portion of each shift. Good janitors can be hard to find, so doing a good job may provide you with career stability.


You don’t work alone as a zoologist, but those keeping you company tend to be animals rather than humans. Building a career in this field is time-consuming, so you’ll want to go into it with a passion for the work.

Warehouse Worker

There are a lot of different jobs available in the average warehouse. Sure, there will be other people around, but you will get a lot of time alone to just focus on doing your task.

Court Reporter

This is another job opportunity that is a little counterintuitive. As a court reporter, you work in a room full of people – but you are pretty much isolated in that room, doing your work while others interact.

Pool Cleaner

In the right climate, you might find yourself surrounded by homes that have their own pools in the backyard. Those pools need to be cleaned, and that job is typically done alone.


The world is more connected than ever before, but there are still a variety of languages spoken around the world. If you know how to speak at least two of them fluently, you may be able to work from home as a translator.

Home Staging

When a home is going to hit the market for sale, it needs to be presented properly to be appealing to buyers. Home staging is a job where you make a property look great before pictures are taken and open houses are scheduled.

Domain Flipping

While this isn’t necessarily a “job” it can be an excellent side hustle to make some extra cash in your free time. The process is simple and requires as little as $10 to get started. By purchasing and selling domain names you can make a nice income on the side in addition to your day job.

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5 High Paying Jobs Where You Work Alone

If you are motivated by working alone, you might not be focused on making the big bucks. Perhaps you just want to make a comfortable living wage while doing something you enjoy – there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

But what if you do want to make a lot of money in your career? Are there opportunities to work alone and still cash in? Absolutely – let’s take a look at five possibilities.


There is some serious math involved in actuary work, and you should expect to spend several years in school developing the needed skills. As a reward, this is a high-paying field where you get to work alone frequently.


Another profession where you can spend a lot of time alone while earning an excellent salary. Much like an actuary, you will need extensive training before you can get started with a job in this field.

Video Editor

Video is more popular than ever thanks to our high-tech modern world, and all of those videos need to be edited before they are put out into the market. This is a competitive field but there are financial rewards available for those who prove themselves.

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Jobs Where You Work Alone - Lawyer


Believe it or not, most lawyers don’t spend day after day in court arguing cases. Rather, they are frequently alone in their office, working through legal documents and charting the right path for their clients. There is a lot of alone time here, and the potential to earn a nice salary.


Dream of providing care but don’t want to work with as many people as a doctor? Consider becoming a veterinarian instead. There is good money to be made here, as long as you are willing to invest the time and money in the necessary education.

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Music Editor

Just as videos need editing, so do music. 

Working as a music editor will take some time if you’re starting from scratch. Understanding the software involved and the techniques used is essential to your success. 

Some music editors can make over 6 figures editing so it’s work a shot!

Skillshare has tons of great videos to help you learn everything you need to know, plus you’ll get a free 14 day trial! Sign up below!

5 Awesome Entry Level Jobs for Introverts

Looking for a job opportunity that you can dive right into without any expensive or time-consuming training? One of the ideas listed below may be a good fit. You might also find these online jobs for teens helpful!

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Data Entry

If you enjoy working with computers but aren’t trained for any specific skill or task, consider data entry. You should be able to get started in data entry with minimal training, and most of the work will be done alone at your computer.

Jobs Where You Work Alone - Dog Walking

Dog Walking

Even if you have never held a job before, you are probably fully qualified for this work alone job. Not only will you get to spend time with a lot of different dogs, but you will also be outside getting exercise along the way.

Golf Course Maintenance

Golf courses require a lot of care to stay in tip-top shape throughout the playing season. A golf course superintendent position requires significant training and education, but most courses have entry level jobs doing landscaping labor (often early in the morning and alone).


Live in a rural area and love to work outside? Look for work as a farmhand – this job will require you to work hard, but you’ll be outdoors and alone for most of the day.

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Final Thoughts on the Top Jobs Where You Work Alone

So, with so many options to pick from, what’s the best job for introverts and others who simply like to work alone? Unfortunately, that’s not for us to decide. You as an individual will need to think about your strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes before deciding what to pursue.

What we can tell you for certain is this: there are a lot of opportunities in the market today for those who like to work alone. While there have always been solo jobs throughout the years, recent developments in technology have made it even more feasible to work on your own. We hope this list helps you find the perfect career path for you – good luck!

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Forrest is a personal finance, entrepreneurship, and investing enthusiast dedicated to helping others obtain life long wealth. He owns several different blogs and is also passionate about health and fitness.

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