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Although the traditionally frothy romantic comedies are an easy way to chase away the Sunday scaries, there’s nothing more warm and fuzzy than a solid musical movie, complete with singalongs and high-energy dance numbers. Who doesn’t like feeling like the world is capable of bursting into song at any moment? Ever since Judy Garland sang sweetly about returning home in The Wizard of Oz, fans have been hooked. These days, musical movies can sometimes be hit or miss: For as many crazy, joyful, ridiculous-in-the-best-way films like Mamma Mia (don’t worry, it’s on here) that exist in the world, there’s…whatever Cats was (definitely not on the list). But when it’s good, it’s spectacular. Modern artists have taken the form and played with it, so it doesn’t necessarily have to sound and look like a play come to lifeThat’s especially true of the past few years, which have seen icons including Lin-Manuel Miranda giving us some of their best work.

From the most classic musicals to underrated gems you may not have heard of, this list has just about everything you could want as a musical fan. Here are 50 iconic musicals spanning more than eight decades that are not to miss, featuring the most epic duets, dance sequences, and jazz hands of all time.

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Pitch Perfect (2012)

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