50+ Hobbies that Make Money [Complete 2022 List]

Everybody has a hobby that they love to do. Most people do not know that they can actually make some extra money with the hobby that they adore. Some can pocket hundreds of extra cash a month, which can be both beneficial and easy to do. Keep on reading to learn about a few of the hobbies that can make you some money on the side. You might even be able to turn a few of these into a full-time career.

Below, I’ll explore some of the best hobbies that make money, some of the best ways to make money with your hobby, and how much money you could make from your hobbies. Let’s get started!

50+ Hobbies that Make Money

If you’re looking for hobbies that make money – give one of these 50+ ideas a try. Whether you start a YouTube channel, teach online, or sell stock photos on stock photo websites, there are plenty of ways to make money for just about anyone.

Hobbies that Make Money - Shopping


Sometimes one of the best ways to make money is by spending money. Folks with a passion for shopping can earn money online by purchasing items for those that cannot do it on their own. There are many apps that you can work through, allowing you to earn cash while you spend it.

You might shop for:

  • Clothes
  • Baked goods
  • Shoes
  • Groceries

If someone needs it, they can pay you to buy it for them. This demand is especially high now that the pandemic has kicked in.

Outside of shopping for others, you can also earn cash back when making purchases of your own. By using apps like Ibotta, you can get paid for most of the shopping you complete normally – like grocery shopping or purchasing new clothes.

While you won’t make a fortune with cash back apps, it’s a good way to pad your income.


If you love to drive, you can pull in extra income by doing various tasks on the road. These are simple and easy. To earn money driving, you can:

  • Drive people places
  • Carpool
  • Deliver food
  • Deliver groceries

There is a lot of free money to be made by driving around. This is especially beneficial if you have an electric car, which will spare you from spending your income on gas.

There are three main ways to use your driving hobby to earn extra cash – delivering groceries, delivering food, or driving other people around with Uber or Lyft.

To deliver groceries, I recommend using Instacart. You can earn over $20 an hour with this hobby turned side hustle. Sign up below to get started.

If you want to deliver food, I recommend using Doordash. Just like food delivery apps, it’s possible to make over $20 per hour. Register with the link below to starting making extra money.

Lastly, driving for apps like Uber or Lyft can be a more social way of using your driving hobby to make money. Both apps offer the ability to make anywhere from $15 to over $25 per hour depending on your location and your customer service.

When it comes to using your car or truck to make money, becoming efficient by signing up for multiple apps is a great idea. By delivering food and groceries simultaneously – you can earn even more money.

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People with a personality can make money podcasting on the side. This can be fictional or non-fictional. There are a ton of platforms where you can post your creation. If you stick with it, you are guaranteed to make some good money as your audience grows.

For the best result, you should monitor what successful podcasts have done in the past. From there, you can put those elements into your own creation.

When starting a podcast, you’ll want to ensure you have a computer and quality microphone to get started. These can cost less than a few hundred dollars.

It’s common to also have an accompanying blog or website to go with your podcast. This will give your audience another place to find your content and another way to make money.

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Slow Paced Jobs - Blogger


Writers should be happy to know that they can make money by blogging online. This is one of the most profitable hobbies, as you can generate ad revenue or affiliate revenue with each post.

There are a ton of things to write about, such as:

If you are passionate about a topic, you can write about it to make some serious money. There is always going to be an audience if you are excited to talk. If you get tired of one idea, you can even switch to another. The world of making money blogging is wide open.

Blogging provides you with a variety of income streams including ad revenue, selling an online course, or using affiliate marketing to earn money.

To get started blogging, you’ll first need to purchase a domain name with Namecheap. This will cost less than $15 annually. For your name, you’ll want to think of something that is easily memorable and easy to discover.

Once you’ve purchased your domain name, you’ll need to purchase hosting to store any files that you have. I recommend using SiteGround because they have the best customer service and can help you fix almost any issue you might encounter. Hosting will typically cost anywhere from $10 to $20 per month.

Finally you can install WordPress (or another CMS) on your website and start creating new content.

When it comes to blogging, you’re not going to make a ton of money in just one weeks time. You’ll need to dedicate time and resources to grow your audience, find new affiliate offers, and post on social media accounts.

Hobbies that Make Money - Painting


Painting is a skill that not many possess. If you have this gift, you have free access to a group of people that will buy your stuff. You can even market your art on various social media platforms to grow your consumer base.

Many styles of painting are popular. You can create art in:

  • A realistic style
  • An abstract way
  • Your own unique style

If you can make something that is quality and different from anything else on the market, you will be able to make money with your own products.

But painting doesn’t stop with just being artistic and creating unique offerings. You could also opt to paint house interiors or exteriors to make more money.

Painting can be a very profitable hobby depending on your skills and setup. Some painters can make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. By starting a painting business, you can even make closer to 7 figures.


Making money with knitting is not something that many people think of. However, if you are capable of making cool pieces with your needles, you can create items that people will want to buy. Knitting is especially beneficial in areas where it gets cold in the winter.

Some items that you can create include:

  • Blankets
  • Sweaters
  • Scarves
  • Mittens

Knitting is a relatively inexpensive hobby. It’s easy to get started, and once you have your needles you just need to buy the yarn. Anyone can turn knitting into a side hustle with a little effort.

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Throwing Pottery

If you have a pottery wheel and a talent for making clay items, you can start making money by throwing pottery. These items can be sold at farmer’s markets, in an online setting, or even through a store that you create in person.

Some items that you might consider making include:

Pottery making can be a little expensive, but if you are good the cost of clay and glaze will make up for themselves. Once you have garnered a reputation, you can even move to sell your creations online in your own shop.

Hobbies that Make Money - Baking


Baking is a profitable hobby because you can target those with a sweet tooth. You can start making money online by selling your product, or you can have a bake sale every once in a while.

Some of the items that you can cook include:

If you have a specialty, make sure that you let the world know. When you make delicious items, people will come to you. Food makes money, and it will continue to do so.

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In a world where clothes are being made with less and less effort, sewing is a money-making hobby that can serve you well. In fact, it is one of the most profitable hobbies out there.

You can monetize your skill by:

  • Fixing up torn clothes
  • Creating new designs
  • Making accessories

You can sell your services and items at a local market, through an app, or on your personal website. This hobby is great because it doesn’t need to be a full-time job to bring in a solid bonus income. There is always work available.


Those who have access to the right companies can make money by traveling. If you enjoy flying around the world, you might want to see if you can make this great hobby into a full-time business for yourself.

Most individuals make money traveling by:

  • Blogging for themselves or for companies
  • Posting pictures on their social media page for sponsors
  • Teaching in foreign countries

You don’t need to be tied down by work, and traveling isn’t just for the rich. If you have the desire, you can make it happen. Try reaching out to travel brands as a start.

Dressing Up

Sometimes, companies want individuals to dress up and support their brand online. If you love to try on clothes, you might be able to earn money by reaching out to a brand and becoming an ambassador for their company.

Some examples of items that you can show off include:

  • Shoe brands
  • Clothes, including shirts and pants
  • Swimsuits

All you need to have is a solid social media following. You should also be good at taking pictures so that the company knows you will represent them well. Ensure that all of your social pages are in order before you reach out to any of them. This will give you the best shot.

Hobbies that Make Money - Gardening


There is a huge market for gardeners. Many people want to have abundant growing space, but do not have the green thumb to do it themselves. This is where you can make money, by designing and caring for somebody else’s garden.

You can also make money by selling fruits and vegetables from your own garden. If you have a decent crop, you can bring them to a local farmer’s market and rid yourself of inventory there. Otherwise, you might bring in cash by selling them in front of your home.


Many people have a desire to make their yards look beautiful. If you have a knack for beautifying yards, this might be one of the money-making hobbies that you can take advantage of.

You can assist them in landscaping by:

  • Planning out gardens in their backyard
  • Planting flowers
  • Deciding the overall these for the place

You can make a hefty sum by designing the yard of another person. Keep this in mind if you are on the hunt for a hobby that will pay you well in your spare time.

Landscaping can even become a full time job making it one of the best ways to make money. There are so many potential services you can offer to make extra money. For example, not only can you offer weekly lawn care services but you could also offer pressure washing services, fertilizing services, and much more.

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Drawing is a talent that not many people can make a thriving business from. If you are good at it and know how to market yourself, it is possible that you can make money by doing so.

You can take in money by:

  • Selling your work for use on pins, hats, and stickers
  • Doing portraits for people
  • Creating original works and posting them on your own site

There is an abundance of ways that you can make money with your talent. Building yourself on social media is also a great method that you can use to draw people to your work.

Walking Dogs

Dog walking is an easy way to make extra money. If you enjoy hanging out with adorable pups, this hobby will give you access to adorable animals and allow you to make money in your spare time.

To get jobs walking dogs, you can use an app that is available on the app store. There are many great options out there. You can also advertise your services to your neighbors or people that you know. Dog walking is hard work, and many do not have time to do it on their own. You can simplify the process for them and pad your pocket.

If you want to start a dog walking side hustle, I recommend signing up with Rover. Not only can you get paid to walk dogs, but you can also make money pet sitting. Sign up below to get started.


Being a freelance writer can bring in more money on the side. There are a ton of people that need writers to take on work that they do not want to do themselves. This side hustle is easy because there are a ton of styles you can offer. Some of these freelance writing positions include:

  • Copywriting
  • Creative writing
  • Blog writing
  • Content writing

You can advertise your services online, or check out freelancing websites online. If you enjoy writing, you might even be able to make a career out of being a freelance writer.

To start your freelance writing business, you’ll want to connect with other freelancers who might offer you advice. You’ll also ant to introduce yourself and your services to website owners, bloggers, and companies who might be interested in your services.

Freelance writers can make good money if they are highly skilled. For those with ample experience, you can make upwards of $1 per word.

Doing Makeup

While doing makeup might just seem like a thing you do for fun, if you are good enough you can make extra money with this unique form of art. There are always people that will need assistance with beauty products in this world.

You can do makeup for:

  • School dances
  • Weddings
  • Engagements
  • Photography settings

You can even start your own business doing makeup. Start small, and if you are good enough you can gain customers by word of mouth. You might even start a website or social media platform to advertise your services.

Hobbies that Make Money - Photography

Taking Pictures

Every year, there are people that need their pictures taken by someone who knows what they’re doing. If you have a photography hobby, this can earn you some more cash on the side. Having free access to a camera will serve you well for this hobby.

You can make money by:

  • Taking family portraits
  • Snapping graduation pictures
  • Documenting weddings and other big celebrations
  • Sell stock photography

You should have a website where you can advertise your services. If you have trouble freelancing with your photography, you can always work at a department store such as Macy’s.

Another option is to sell photos on stock photography sites to make extra money.

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Pet Sitting

If you adore taking care of animals, pet sitting is one of the hobbies that make money. You can advertise your services to people going on vacations, friends and family, and even local neighbors.

Pet sitting is great because you only need yourself. The owners will provide everything else. All you need to do is hang out with adorable animals and make sure that they are getting everything that they need. It’s an awesome hobby that can earn you some money, too.

I recommend using the Rover app to find pet owners looking for people to watch over their animals.

Personal Training

Many people want a personal trainer to help keep them fit. Knowledge and expertise of fitness will come in handy with this one. You can help people on their healthy journeys, pushing them to better themselves with your experience.

As a personal trainer, you might:

  • Create personalized eating plans
  • Help someone to workout properly
  • Push your client to new levels

Fitness buffs will excel at doing this. If your hobby is going to the gym, you can easily make money doing it by helping someone be just like you.

Becoming a personal trainer is relatively simple – especially for those who went to school for exercise science or kinesiology. For those who didn’t choose these subjects, don’t worry. You can still become a certified fitness trainer for less than $1,000 most of the time.

You can register for classes that will teach you the basics of fitness, nutrition, and overall health to start your career as a fitness trainer.

You’ll also need to become certified in CPR if you’re working with clients in person.

Making Videos

Something as simple as making videos can put some money in your pocket. Whether you want to create how-to videos, an online course, or narrative content, there is a potential audience out there for you.

Making money comes through posting items on a video platform, such as a YouTube channel, and monetizing it. Starting a YouTube channel can take some time to grow and develop.

First, you’ll want to decide what kind of videos you want to make. Next, you’ll want to create your YouTube channel and upload a description and several categories of videos. Finally, you’ll need to plan and shoot your videos and upload them on the platform to start making money.

There is not one right way to make a video. Like podcasts and blogs, if you are passionate about something, there are people that will watch what you make. This is one of the coolest and most popular hobbies that make money.

Apart from creating a YouTube channel, you could also offer freelance services creating videos for weddings, corporate videos, and much more.

Playing Video Games

If you like to play video games, there is a way that you can make money by doing so. It is not just a waste of time, as many think. The best way to make money through gaming is by streaming it on an online platform.

You can be making money by playing:

  • Horror games
  • Action games
  • Online RPG games

There is a different niche out there for every single type of game. You can make money by posting this content on a blog or YouTube channel for all to see. Playing games can be great in more ways than one.

If these methods aren’t attractive to you, you can also get paid to play games with apps like Swagbucks. While they pay isn’t extraordinary, it can be a great way to earn some extra income in your free time.

Hobbies that Make Money - Design

Making Graphics

Whenever you see a company or brand, you associate them with the graphics they display. There is good money involved in graphic design. Even if you are not an expert, you can find a way to make this work as a gig on the side.

You can create a portfolio of graphics and put them on your website, applying to jobs and showing them what you can do. You can also apply for freelance positions to make graphic design something that can support you, even if it is just a little bit. Graphic design is a very versatile hobby.

The amount of money you can make with this hobby will vary depending on your skills and the type of work you complete. As a freelancer you’ll likely get paid hourly for your time that can be anywhere from $20 to over $50 per hour.


Those with experience in the world of teaching can turn this hobby into a way to make money. You can take on an online course and help students to garner knowledge, no matter where they are. You should have some kind of degree or certification to do this.

Of course, teaching does not have to be through an online course. You can also offer in person learning for many different topics. If you like to teach, there is somebody out there who has the desire to learn.

Flipping Antiques

If your hobby is finding cool antiques, you can turn a profit by flipping them. This means fixing them up and selling them for a much higher price than what you got them for. A little work is necessary, but the cash you bring in will make it all worth it.

Some examples of antiques you might be able to flip include:

  • Lamps
  • Sofas
  • Tables
  • Statues

All of these items can be fixed up and sold for much more than you acquired them for. If you have plenty of time in your life, this might be the best choice for you.

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Selling at a Flea Market

Flea markets often happen on the weekends. They are like a garage sale, but you can sell anything that you want. If you have flipped antiques, you can sell them here. You can sell clothes that you have created or are trying to get rid of. You can even sell furniture at flea markets.

If you like gathering objects to sell, flea markets are the place for you. You get to be around a unique group of people while also earning income.

Posting on Social Media

Social media has been on the rise over the years, and with that has come a way to make money. If you have a large following on the internet, there is a way that you can have an online business simply by posting images on your Instagram account or places. Sponsored posts can bring in quite the income.

This is one of the unique ways to make money. Essentially, you are monetizing yourself. If a brand likes you, you might find everything you do centered around the images and brand that you have created for yourself online. Posting on social media can make you a lot of money, but it is time-consuming if you gain popularity.

But this isn’t the only way to make money with social media. You can also offer marketing services to help companies grow their digital audience.

The amount of money you can make with social media can be quite lucrative. Some social media influencers charger tens of thousands of dollars for just one post. For smaller influencers a couple of hundred dollars can be a good starting place.

Holding Garage Sales

Another form of flipping is to hold garage sales. You can gather things over a period, and then turn around and sell them at a garage sale. You can do this on a monthly basis.

Some items you could offer at a garage sale include:

  • Bicycles
  • Shoes
  • Clothes
  • Books

This event is very popular. If you have items that you do not need, holding these sales is a hobby that will serve you well financially.

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Investing is one of the riskiest ways to make money in the short term. However, it can also pay off well in the end. There are many ways for you to invest your money. Some will allow it to grow over the long term, while others provide instant satisfaction. All come with different levels of risk.

Some of the most popular forms of investing include:

  • Purchasing cryptocurrency
  • Investing in a chain
  • Buying stocks
  • Putting money down for your retirement

If you know what you’re doing, this is one of the best ways to make money. Investing can provide growth as no other hobby can. It can be intimidating, but the rewards are great.

Some people enjoy investing more than others but this can be a great hobby to make money. Between real estate investing, investing in the stock market, and other forms of investing – there’s sure to be something for you.

If you want a more passive method of investing, I recommend using Stash to invest with as little as $5. Plus you’ll get $5 for free when you register with the link below!

If you’re looking to invest in real estate, Fundrise is my go to option to invest in real estate without the headache. Sign up below to get started!

Flipping Houses

This hobby is a bit more intense than the others, but it turns the biggest profit of all. To flip a house you first need access to a fixer-upper. This means that you will need to invest in a home before you can turn around and sell it for much more.

Flipping houses is a big risk. After all, if nobody buys it you will have spent a large chunk of cash for nothing. If you succeed, however, it can be one of the best ways to make money. You should ensure that you know what you are doing before you start.

Flipping homes can be a great way to invest in real estate for more advanced investors.

Hobbies that Make Money - Washing Cars

Detailing Cars

Those with a passion for cars should be happy to know that there is a way to make money while working with the machines that they love. You can offer your services to:

  • Friends at work
  • Locals in the neighborhood
  • People in the area through a local advertisement

As with anything, the better your service the more customers you will acquire. It will take time to build a reputation with this hobby, but if you do well it will turn quite a profit.

Detailing cars can be a fun side hustle and is one of my favorite ways to make money. You’ll need to purchase some basic supplies but it’s possible to make a nice income from this hobby.

Reviewing Books and Movies

People with strong opinions have a way to make money with their passion. By writing movie reviews or giving opinions in a video message, you can make money through site monetization. This can be done by making your own blog or channel and building it up.

You should develop a unique style that people can relate to. If you stand out, you will easily attract a crowd to your hobby and start bringing in more income.

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Planning Parties

Parties happen every single day. Whether for a birthday or wedding, there is a lot of planning that goes into them. Many people need help with that. If one of your hobbies is planning, this is an excellent business idea for you.

Party planners can make a solid amount of money. If you do a good job, you might garner more money by gaining a bigger reputation and reaching out to more people.

This hobby can go well beyond party planning, however. If you’re looking for more ways to make money with your side hustle, planning weddings can be much more lucrative. This will come with some added stress, however. When planning a wedding you’ll need to be extremely communicative and organized to ensure the big day goes as smoothly as possible.


Some people want to have their space organized, but they do not have the time to do so. Organizing is one of the best hobbies that make money because it helps both you and the customer out tremendously. You can take on this hobby with little to no experience whatsoever.

You can offer to organize:

  • College dormitories
  • Bedrooms
  • Kitchens

This is one of the best hobbies that make money. Organizing can be hugely beneficial to people, so you will be doing them a favor while you are making money doing something that you enjoy.

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Those who enjoy editing can find a way to sell their expertise online. Writers and other companies are always on the hunt for people with a keen eye. This is a form of freelance writing.

You can become an editor by:

  • Locating a job on freelancing platforms
  • Offering services to writer friends
  • Applying to local jobs

You can keep editing as a hobby, or you can make it into a career. Either way, there are plenty of way to make money by pursuing this activity further.

Feeding Dogs

Sometimes, people go on vacation and leave their dogs at home. When they do, they need someone to feed and take care of their pets. If you adore animals, feeding them could be an excellent way to make money.

You can offer your services:

  • To your neighbors
  • To locals in the area
  • In an advertisement

This is one of the sweetest money making hobbies because you get to spend time with adorable animals. No matter what, it’s a winning situation.

Watching Videos

Believe it or not, you can make money watching videos online. This hobby will not make you as much as a hobby business, but it is still a simple way to bring in money on your own schedule.

Watching videos is great because it takes up very little time. It is one of the ways to make money that can be done whenever you have a spare moment in your day. There are many sites and apps that permit making money through watching content on their system.

Becoming a Comedian

Having a funny bone can actually earn you a good chunk of change on the side. The best way to monetize our humor is by getting your own channel on a site like YouTube or TikTok. From there, you can post comedic bits and start growing an audience.

You might also take the classic approach to make money as a comedian. Local events might need talent, and you can provide them with your act. You can also perform at local comedy clubs. The more fans you have, the better chance you have at making some money from this hobby.

Making T-Shirts

If you have a unique and funny t-shirt idea, you can make money by designing t-shirts and selling them online. You might make your own original art, or design them after a famous person and target the fanbase of that individual.

T-shirts can be sold on your own site, in a small store, or at flea markets on the weekend. If you make them stand out from the crowd, you will attract a herd of people that can monetize your hobby.

This fun and easy side hustle is an excellent way to make money from your passion.


Individuals that love to coach from their couch should make their way outside, utilizing their skills in the real world. You can find extra cash in your pocket by doing so. There are many teams and groups on the lookout for a coach.

You might find money coaching:

  • A little kid’s baseball team
  • A local swim team
  • A soccer team

You will gain a small amount of cash and help better the career of little children and young adults in the process. This is one of the most fun ways to make money.


Dancing is one of the hobbies that make money. Thanks to the online world, it is easier than ever to monetize this unique skill and gather fans who will support your endeavors. With people stuck at home, you have a potentially massive audience available at your fingertips.

Dancing is simple because the only thing you need is yourself. You can either teach lessons in person, or you can record yourself dancing and post the videos online. These can simply showcase your skills, or teach watching students dancing abilities for free. If enough watch these, you will be able to monetize the videos. Dancing can be a great side hustle.

Starting Your Own Online Store

If you have your own website, you can make money selling your products online. This can become a full-time business if you have an item that becomes high in demand. Exactly what you put on the market is up to you.

Some items that you might sell include:

  • Hand-designed mugs that you create on your own time
  • Shoes that you personalize for other people
  • Painted postcards and cards for special occasions

The opportunities are endless. You will need to ensure that you have a strong grip on our personal finance as you go about this process. Make sure that your product is unique and needed so that you have access to the largest possible market.

Selling Used Books

Many people cycle through books on a monthly basis. If you do not want to hang onto them, you can make money by selling these used novels online. If you get a few clients that will buy from you on a regular basis, you can earn a substantial sum over a period.

Some types of books that you might be able to sell include:

  • Textbooks used by colleges students
  • Informational history books that are heavy and expensive new
  • Popular fiction books

All of these have an audience that will gladly take them off of your hands. You just need to find a price that is reasonable and rational and stick with it. If you’d like, you can even rent the books for usage again and again.

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Couponing is a skill. Everybody goes grocery shopping, and everybody has access to a multitude of coupons. In your spare time, you can make money by making use of as many of these items as possible.

You might look for coupons:

  • Online, through various websites
  • In a newspaper or magazine
  • On a trustworthy application

If you take the time to gather as many coupons as you can, this is one of the greatest hobbies that make money. You will be getting groceries for yourself and your family while also saving a ton of money. Couponing can be harrowing, but it is worth it in the end.

Restoring Furniture

One of the most unique hobbies is restoring furniture. You can take old and rotting pieces and fix them up, giving them new life. This hobby can bring it quite a profit if you are good enough at it.

You might restore furniture by:

  • Finding old pieces at antique malls or the flea market and giving them new life
  • Taking other peoples pieces and fixing them up for them

Whatever route you choose, the pieces will be back to new by the end. You can expect to bring in a sum of money once the product has been completed to perfection.

You can also sell your furniture on sites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist to find potential buyers.


There is always a need for tutors online. This is even a hobby that you can make into a full-time job, but you can keep it as a side hustle if you are not passionate about it.

Some of the topics that you can tutor in include:

  • English
  • Math
  • Spanish
  • Science

As long as there are students that are taking classes, there will be a need for tutors. You should ground yourself in a few topics and set up a website to advertise your services to the world. Once you have a few customers, you should be able to monetize this hobby.

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Hobbies that Make Money - Woodworking

Wood Working for Extra Money

Working wood is not a skill that many possess anymore. If you like to carve or build with this material in your free time, you can make good money by selling the products to others. Some items that you might sell include:

  • A table and chairs
  • A hand-carved statue
  • A birdhouse

All of these, and more, can come from woodworking. Making something unique is one of the best ways to ensure that this is a money-making hobby. People love items that stand out.

Wood working can require some expensive supplies and equipment if you’re looking to turn your hobby into a full time job. You can easily invest thousands of dollars into saws, drills, and other pieces of equipment.

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Doing Hair

Being able to twist and tie hair into beautiful styles is a gift that people will pay for. This is one of the best hobbies that make money because there will always be occasions where pretty hair is needed.

This side hustle can be done from:

  • The inside of your home
  • A hair salon
  • A makeup store

Wherever you decide to monetize your hobby, it should bring you in a solid chunk of cash. Doing hair is one of the best ways to make money. If you can do it, you should embrace the side hustle and see what it can do for you.

Making Music

If you are someone who makes music, there are ways that you can earn money by putting your talent out into the world. It takes a little bit of work, but the reward is often great if you are persistent enough.

When making music, you will need to:

  • Write and create the song
  • Play the instruments or find a band
  • Record the music
  • Edit it to perfection

Once you have done all of this, you can post the song on a platform that streams to a ton of users. If they like it, you should gain both a large following and an income from your creations. A music hobby can serve you well.


Calligraphy is a skill that is slowly going out of style. Having this ability will come into use if there are people who want this particular form of writing, but have no idea how to do it themselves.

Individuals might want calligraphy done:

  • For a funeral
  • For wedding invitations
  • For birthday party invitations

You can charge based on the piece, or based on the hour. They are your own products, so what you make from this side hustle depends on what you set your price at.

Flying Drones

Believe it or not, flying drones is a skill that will help you to make money. If you own one, you can use it as a side hustle that does not require too much effort.

You can make an income flying drones:

  • For a wedding
  • For a movie
  • For landscape shots

Drones can capture cool images, but not everybody knows how to fly them. You can advertise your skills on your own website, or trust word of mouth to launch your career. This is one of the most unique ways to make money.


If you love to walk, you might as well make money doing so. Walking is one of the best hobbies because it will keep you healthy as well as occupied. You don’t need any experience or special talent to get good at it.

The main way to make an income from walking is to download an app. There are many that will keep track of the steps you travel and pay you based on that number. Most are free. The more you are moving, the more you will be able to bring in.

Selling Homes

Many real estate agents make a good money by selling homes in their free time. I love this way to make extra money because you can do it on your own schedule in your spare time.

Hobbies that Make Money - Scrapbooking


If you are a crafty person and want to make money by helping others, scrapbooking can be a great business idea to boost your income.

You won’t need to spend money to get started, either!

Most of the supplies and equipment you’ll need you will likely already have. If there’s something you’re missing you can charge your customer upfront to pay for it, or borrow it from a friend.

You can offer your services on social media or ask friends and family to share your info.

How Much Money Can My Hobby Make?

Just like with any other side hustle, your hobby can be a great way to boost your income with the potential to quit your full time job.

Some hobbies can make well over 6 figures with the opportunity to reach 7 figures.

It’s worth noting that with many side hustles or hobbies you might not ever reach this point, but it is possible.

You’ll need to put in a significant amount of time to grow your side hustle and make even more money.

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Tips for Growing your Profitable Hobby

Below are some tips to help you grow your hobby into a profitable side hustle.

Treat it Like a Business

While you might not think of your hobby as a business, you should!

Managing your income and expenses is critical to make more money and grow your money making hobby. This will also make your life more easy when tax season comes around.

Offer a Variety of Services

Offering multiple services from one hobby is a great way to grow your income. Instead of getting siloed into one area, try to expand your offerings.

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Final Thoughts on the Best Hobbies that Make Money

There are plenty of great hobbies you can use to make money. Whether you choose to sell a physical or digital product, make money with a YouTube channel, or work as a personal trainer – there’s sure to be something for everyone.

Before trying to make money from your hobby, remember that it should be slightly entertaining to you so you don’t get burnt out.

Do you have a favorite money making hobby? Comment yours below!

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