a Stunning Retreat from Chiang Mai, Thailand


Nestled right within the ancient walls of Chiang Mai, Thailand, the Rachamankha is just a few steps away from one of the town’s most admired temples, Wat Phra Singh. This magical resort is considered a true architectural triumph, managing to complement its beautiful surroundings, while standing out in the best way possible, with exquisite accommodations and impeccable services.

Designed by one of Thailand’s most renowned architects and decorated by some of the most appreciated interior designers in all of Asia, the Rachamankha is a monument to Thai Lana culture, looking like a tranquil heaven that anyone has to check out at least once in a lifetime. The resort boasts a mesmerizing blend of Chinese, Dai, Laotion, Lua, and Burmese cultural influences, with some historical artifacts supporting this statement.


If you are artistically inclined, you are invited to check out the resort’s lovely gallery, where you can study authentic silverware, hill-tribe jewelery, and a sword collection worthy of an ancient army. While staying indoors you might also take a closer look at the antique Thai Lana furniture decorating your room, since each accommodation at The Rachamankha features one-of-a-kind pieces, alongside bamboo window blinds and reed floor mats, mixed with modern luxuries, of course.

There are only 23 rooms on offer here, each of them equally appealing, which might make you consider a reservation here way ahead of time, but we’re sure you won’t regret it! Especially when you visit the on-site restaurant, which serves authentic Thai cuisine, complemented by various flavors, while Ming and Qing Dynasty porcelain create the perfect ambiance for a unique dining experience.


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