About Coolshop

Now it might get a bit cliché.

But not in a Silicon Valley way. More in the “we started from a garage” way. Because that is actually also a true story. Coolshop started in the founders’ garage. If you ask nicely, we can show a picture of that.

Okay. Time to fast forward a little bit.

Mark and Mike were onto something. Coolshop took shape, gathered some employees, taco Thursday was introduced. And then someone knocked on the door. It was a fast-talking guy with Italian blood in his veins. Jacob Risgaard. Contract was signed over a crate of beer. Two now turned into three, and the rest is history…

Oh, there was also that time, where Jacob woke up in the office, turned around and realised that he… Oops, I promised not to talk about that! Sorry!

* After-work-beers on a Thursday. A Danish expression for living Thursday as if it was Friday.

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