About Me | Don’t Work Another Day

About Me | Don’t Work Another Day


Why Don’t Work Another Day?

After working 4 years in the corporate workforce, I’ve decided that 40 hours per week creating wealth for someone else isn’t worth the “security” that it provides.
I love the colleagues I work alongside, but the lack of flexibility and freedom is crushing.
I hope to help others learn ways they can build wealth, save money, and develop streams of income so they too, can quit their day job and live life on their own terms.

What I’ve Done Right

In the past few years, I have increased my income in several manners. My day job provides an above average income for most and I also rent out a portion of my home that provides an extra few hundred bucks per month. I have completed some freelance design work and want to increase this business as well.

Where I Need Help

As my income has risen, lifestyle creep plagues me occasionally.
Some of my biggest mistakes:
– Purchasing a new car in 2017 (although I paid it off in 2019!)
– Purchasing a more expensive home than needed
– Purchasing a new Tempurpedic mattress
– Random purchases like clothes, electronics, and a Theragun Pro

What Forrest Likes:

– Not being told to “Run Forrest, Runnnnnnn”
– Anything and everything fitness related. This includes lifting weights, cycling, swimming, yoga, and yes, running.
– A good design
– Any challenge imaginable – Fun fact, I was a pescatarian for 2 years in college!!
– The environment and nature
– Investing, business, personal finances
– THE BEACH & hot weather
– Coffee of any kind
– Clothes offered in Tall sizes

What Forrest Hates:

– Roller coasters. Why do you want to feel like you’re about to die for 2 straight minutes?
– Television shows. I can’t stay focused for that long.
– Duke University or the University of Louisville
– Multi level marketing

Need Help?

I want to hear from you! Whether you have a question about your finances, life in general, or if you need help with web design, development, copywriting, or social media, I am here for you.
You can contact me via email at fmccall @ dontworkanotherday.com or on Twitter @DntWrkAnthrDay

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