AC Valhalla legendary animals locations: Here’s where to find the mythical beasts

Looking to hunt down all of the legendary animals in AC Valhalla? There’s a lot going on in 9th century England. There are many monasteries to be raided and numerous disputes to be dealt with in the various regions. But if it’s all getting a bit much and you want a little ‘me’ time, why not take a break from the bustle of everyday life and start hunting down some big game?

Of course, in order to get started, you’ll need to have built the Hunter’s Hut at your AC Valhalla settlement. But once that’s all in order, there’s nothing stopping you from taking to the countryside and tracking down these burly beasts. So, I’m here to help you find all AC Valhalla legendary animals locations, and outline the rewards you’ll receive for taking them down.

AC Valhalla legendary animals: Here’s how to find them

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