ace of spades book review – faridah àbíké-íyímídé author interview

Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé went viral last year after scoring a seven figure book deal at 21. It was that headline that brought her image across my timeline and made me curious about her story—not just the story that would make her an overnight millionaire, but her story. I felt an inexplicable magnetism to Faridah, an instinct that was solidified once I started following her on Instagram and discovered that she, like me, is a tea fanatic (her handle is @faridahlikestea) and this simple connection bloomed into discovering many others. She is remarkably not the social media stereotype of what I would expect to find from a Gen Z author who just scored a major contract to publish their debut novel. She’s quite shy, mysterious even. She does not spill her entire life onto various apps and perform her existence for engagement—not to judge to anyone who might, I just observed it as a departure from what I would have expected from someone her age.

And so, obviously, I had to know everything.

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