‘American Murder’: The Chris Watts Details The Documentary Left Out

Ever since American Murder: The Family Next Door arrived on Netflix at the end of September, transfixed viewers have searched high and low for every possible bit of information about Chris Watts. They’ve started Reddit threads, tweeted out increasingly ludicrous theories, and, in general, spent hours scouring the internet for even the tiniest details about Watts’ crimes that didn’t make it into the documentary’s 82 minutes of footage.

To recap: Watts is currently serving five life sentences in a maximum-security prison in Wisconsin after killing his wife Shan’ann, who was 15 weeks pregnant at the time of her death, and their two daughters in Aug. 2018. Watts initially claimed he’d had no involvement in his wife and daughters’ disappearances, but his story fell apart in a matter of days, and he was ultimately convicted of their murders.

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