An Insole With Your Comfort in Mind

Wherever you find Superfeet, the chances are good you will also find selections from Spenco, a North Carolina company. Like Superfeet, Spenco provides a full line of foot care products that include insoles and orthotics.

Spenco insoles aim to provide support across several on-your-feet activities — walking, running, cross-training, hiking, other sports, and even just for prolonged standing.

The Spenco Total Support Max brand is similar to Superfeet Green in that both address people with higher arches. Spenco takes a different approach, however. Spenco inserts include “pods” of varying degrees of hardness. These are placed at crucial areas of the foot to ease the amount of force on your feet.

Both Spenco and Superfeet seek to steer the foot in a way that reduces or eliminates “over-pronation,” which most foot experts believe can causes foot or leg problems.

The Max line is by design stiffer than other insoles made by Spenco. It targets the more serious athlete who is putting numerous miles on their legs during the week.

Customers indicate in their reviews that the Spenco inserts have successfully helped curb foot pain and correct over-pronation and even provide a solution to flat feet.

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