Audi R8 Spark Eight refined by Eisenmann

Audi R8 Spark Eight by Eisenmann

The German tuning specialist Eisenmann has released a bespoke styling package for the Audi R8 which was dubbed as the Spark Eight. The new aero kit was designed in over one year and it’s made from ultra light carbon fiber and kevlar materials.

The Audi R8 Spark Eight comes with a new spoiler grille with fins, brake cooling chambers and a new front splitter and a redesigned rear spoiler grille and a new rear diffuser. Under this diffuser, the R8 received a new flap controlled, stainless steel exhaust system with a centrally positioned tailpipe similar to the ones from Lamborghinis.

The upgrade program is completed with a new set of shock absorbers and performance springs and a set of striking 19″alloy wheels that round off the car’s fresh look. So the Audi R8 Spark Eight is basically an R8 with a more aggressive look and a mean sound coming from the new high performance exhaust.

There’s no word on pricing yet, but if you own an R8 and want to make it unique, you will probably afford this package from Eisenmann.


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