Bespoke Boeing 787 Dreamliner refined by Greenpoint Technologies

Greenpoint Technologies, an awesome little company from Kirkland, Washington, specialized in crafting unique aircraft interiors for VIPs, corporate or commercial airline clients, has recently unveiled its latest project, a jaw dropping interior for a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, that takes luxury flying to a completely new level.

Earlier this year, Greenpoint entered our radar with another amazing airplane interior, turning a 747-8 into a luxurious private jet that was perfect for billionaires, and their work on this 787 Dreamliner is even more impressive, making us gawk and drool in the same time.

Launched on the market back in 2012, the awesome Boeing 787 Dreamliner featured new technology and a lightweight fuselage filled with carbon fiber elements that also increase its strength. A hit from day one, this airplane was extremely comfortable and spacious and the greatest thing about it is that it had a range of around 10,000 miles, which means it could travel almost anywhere non-stop at a cruising speed of 560 mph.

Last year the 787-9 version was launched, the second largest version of this aircraft which measured 206 feet from front to bottom. And Greenpoint Technologies decided to make it even better by refining its interior to offer a one-of-a kind flying experience for the owner and guests.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Greenpoint has a dazzling private suite and office for the owner, located in the forward section of the plane and two mini suites for guests in the aft cabin. Here you could also find a spa and an exercise area and the aircraft also houses a lovely lounge area and a formal dining room.

We don’t know how much this luxurious treatment will cost, but if you can afford a $250 million aircraft, you can probably afford Greenpoint’s services as well.

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