Best Chromebook video editing apps

It’s no secret Chrome OS can’t run traditional desktop apps, which is why you have to spend most of your time in a browser. But this doesn’t mean your Chromebook is limited in function, even for creative tasks. It’s now possible to do just about everything on the web — including video editing. 

Yes, you no longer need an app for editing videos. You can do it right in your Google Chrome browser and skip the fussy setup and installation of desktop software. Here are the best, free online video editors to get started.

1. Adobe Spark 

(Image credit: Adobe)

Adobe’s online video editor, Spark, offers most of the features you’d need to create or edit a movie. More importantly, its practical and familiar design has a low learning curve and won’t overwhelm you with options from the start. You have access to all the usual abilities, such as importing and editing pictures or videos, modifying the timeline, adding annotations and soundtrack, and more. 

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