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Sep 02, 2021• Proven solutions

Discord is one of the fastest-growing instant communication platforms. It started as just a messaging and voice chat app for gamers but today it has expanded into every PC. From gaming to just general chatting, it is used by everyone. Discord also provides bots and features to expand the user’s experience. One of the types of bots that are available on Discord servers is music bots.

This article covers everything you need to know about Discord Music Bots:

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Part 1: Top 10 Best High-Quality Music Bots For Discord

1. Groovy

The first one on the list is Groovy. It’s a simple to use Discord Music Bot that focuses on High-Quality Music and Ease of Access.

Groovy also provides lag-free music streaming. So, you wouldn’t have to worry about bad music quality or lags while you play games or chill with your friends.

Groovy has a large variety of commands which means that you can do lots of things with Groovy music boot.

You can play music with a link from YouTube, Spotify, Mixer and any other major platform or you can search for a song by just typing out the name after the play command (-play [song name/link]). You can also create song queues, loop songs, shuffle your queue, display lyrics and every other music adjustment command.


Groovy provides many advanced features so you won’t have to cluster your server with many other bots as this one provides it with all. Although it is a free music bot, if you buy the Premium version, it provides you with extra audio manipulating commands like bass boost and nightcore etc.

The Premium Version of Groovy varies from $3.99, $5.99, $7.99 per month for 1,3 and 10 premium servers.

This means you can add the same Groovy Bot to as many servers as you want. You can also decide to pay Yearly at $39.99, $59.99, $79.99 respectively.

Note: You can also use the code TRYIT to get 75% off for the first 3 months of Groovy Premium. You can go and check out the bot at their website:

2. Rythm

The second bot on the list is Rythm. It was created for the sole purpose to provide users fast easy access to all their music so that they don’t have to spend time out of the game trying to work out the commands for the bot.

It offers more features than any other bot dedicated to this purpose with constant updates so that it keeps providing the best high-quality music as always. With concise and specific commands so that you don’t get lost typing out special characters. For example, if you want to play a song, just type play and then a link to the song or the name of the song (play [song name/link]).

You can apply any music command using this bot from queues, loop, shuffle and lyrics to even playing your very own YouTube playlist.


  • With currently 10 Million discord servers with this bot. It certainly keeps up to the name of providing free high-quality music streaming in real-time.
  • Once set up with your playlist, Rythm will automatically queue songs from the playlist once the queue guild queue is empty.
  • Rythm can even get you the lyrics of the song which is currently being played or any other!

You can check out Rythm at

3. Octave

Octave is a free Discord Music Bot that has been around for 4 years and was previously known as Gnar. Octave is like other music bots. It provides lag-free music streaming from all major sources being Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixer or Spotify.

This Bot allows you to assign different roles to different users so that makes it easier for you to organize and grant different access roles to different users.


  • Octave has been around for 4 years and is trusted by over 600,000 servers. So why not choose one that has a good rating and won’t let you down.
  • It provides a user with 21 different playback commands and supports playlists, searches and even streams.
  • A plus feature is that you can add this bot to your server with literally one click.

You can learn more details about this bot at

4. FredBoat

One of my personal favorite free music bots is FredBoat. It’s more like a Spotify inside discord. It can play from Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud and even twitch.

FredBoat allows you to create your very own playlist which you can then play from inside discord by just typing out one command. You can also stream livestreams from YouTube and Twitch.

FredBoat was originally created for smaller servers but it now also provides a permission system to keep trolls at bay.


  • FredBoat has a built-in search system. So instead of using a youtube link to play something, you search it up directly from inside discord.
  • FredBoat is a secure and open-source bot which makes it trustworthy and competent.

You can check FredBoat out at

5. Vexera

Vexera is another free music bot to increase the discord experience for you and your friends. It gives smooth lag-free music playback with High Quality. It’s currently a part of over 300,000+ discord servers which proves it’s worth and trust level.

Vexera is a multi-purpose bot. Along with music it also provides moderation and automatic Greeting and Farewell messages to whoever enters or leaves your server.


  • Along with music streaming commands, it also provides other management commands like sending greeting messages to new users in your discord server.
  • Allows simple playback from the WebPanel or through discord commands.

Visit to learn more about this music bot.

6. MEE6

In my opinion, MEE6 is the most diverse discord Music Bot with not only music but many more features all in one. It allows you to play smooth and fast High-Quality music while providing administrative and recreational features as well.

It also provides amazing auto-moderation to keep your server safe from trolls, toxicity and abusive language by auto muting, banning or kicking people according to your specific set instructions.


  • Provides greeting messages for new users entering your discord server.
  • Allows you to create custom commands to add more functionality to your server.
  • Grants auto-roles and has an XP system to see how much a user is live and interacts. Which can be further used to give out rewards to the most active users and so on.
  • Highly customizable administration to protect your server from trolls, spam and toxic users.
  • Easy to set-up announcement plugin.

You can check out MEE6 at

7. BMO

This Music bot was inspired by the Adventure-Time Character BMO. This music bot is fun to use and provides the functionality of a high level of bot.

It is the best bot, in my opinion, to liven up your server especially if it has a general chat room.


  • Smooth lag-free High-Quality Music.
  • Small chat games to make a user’s time on your server more fun.
  • NSFW commands for those channels as well.
  • The bot is also DMCA protected which means it’s not violating any copyright laws.

You can get this bot with just one click from their Website at

8. 24/7

24/7 is another one of my favorite free music bots. It not only provides high-quality music streaming from major websites like YouTube, Spotify and mixer. But it also allows streaming any radio station around the world.

24/7 was created by Deluxe to provide non-stop music for its users. It has a small number of commands to keep it concise and to the point.

  • mb play [link to internet radio stream]
  • mb pause *
  • mb resume *
  • mb np
  • mb volume [volume percentage] *
  • mb help

[] = optional parameter

* = premium only commands

The premium version can be bought for $2.47 which along with the commands unlocks these features:

Premium features of 24/7:

– YouTube queue, including pause, resume, skip, add, remove, export, import, etc.

– YouTube playlist support

– control the volume, server-wide

But if you like the bot you can get the $7.24 version which provides all the above-mentioned benefits and a message on your server stating that you donated to the creators of this bot.


The Best thing about 24/7 is that it can stream any live event from Youtube as well. So, you can listen to a talk-show, a podcast or any other live event while playing your favorite games.

You can check this one out at

9. Mantaro

A personal favorite that I have on my server is Mantaro. It, like all the bots mentioned before provides great quality music streaming from all major sources.

This bot is the go-to for an anime lover or an anime discord server. It comes with everything you need to make it fun, lively and interactive even when people aren’t playing games and just chatting.


  • Mantaro has so many features. From a currency system to mining activities, gifts, XP, chopping, fishing, pets and everything.
  • Birthday roles and announcements.
  • Games (such as trivia, guess the character, guess the number and guess the Pokémon remember that on the TV back then?)
  • Anime and Character lookup commands. And don’t forget the NSFW commands for lewd anime pics.
  • It also provides RP commands for all the RP lovers out there.

Mantaro makes your server into more of a second life for you.

Check it out at

10. ErisBot

ErisBot is a strong and very simple to use music bot.

The best feature about ErisBot that separates it from the rest is that it allows you to create your very own custom prefixes for the commands.

One thing I noticed is that sometimes instead of playing audio from the YouTube link, it starts playing the video. Maybe it mixes up the commands or whatever. This is something you’ll have to keep in mind while using Eris Bot.

You can check out Eris Bot at

Part 2: How to Add a Music Bot to Discord?

Adding a music bot to your server is very simple and only takes one click. Just go to the Website of whatever Music Bot you wish to add. Then all you need to do is click on the “Add to Discord” Button.

This will then take you to a page where it will ask for a server to enter and also list other things it’ll gain access to.

Just choose the server you wish to add the bot to from the drop-down menu and click continue.

After that, you’ll have to prove your humanity and that’s all. The bot has now been added to your selected server. You can find it in the members’ area to the right. If there is no member area then just click the Members tab at the top right corner of the screen to view all the members on the server.

Part 3: How to Play Music on Discord?

Playing music on discord using a bot is as easy as pie. All you have to do is go to the website of your specific bot and look up the commands. In this example, we would be using Groovy Bot.

Another way to check commands is through your discord server. Type –help for Groovy and similarly for every other bot ([specified prefix]help). It will then state how you can check the commands for that bot.

Then in your Discord server after joining a voice channel, type that command with a link to a piece of music or the name (-play i dont think i love u anymore) if your bot allows that and the bot will join the voice channel and start streaming music.

You can also loop the song currently playing by typing the –loop track command. And loop your whole queue using –loop queue. You can turn the loop off by –loop off.

If you want to add another song to a queue, just use the same play command and Groovy will add that song next in the list. You can view your queue using the –queue command.

Part 4: What is Discord Music Bot?

Discord allows users to create servers where they can then invite their friends or people who have the same interest, or people playing the same game. Discord servers are like a big group chat but with many more features. Music Bots allow users to listen to music while they play games or just chat with their friends. Discord Bots are created like a virtual Discord user. To listen to music you have to join a voice channel and then run a command specific to that bot to make it join the voice channel and start playing music.

Discord music bots provide a way for multiple members of a server to listen to the same music at the same time. Discord music bots can find songs on YouTube, Spotify, or other platforms and play them in a Discord voice channel. 

In the end no matter what bot you choose, it doesn’t matter as long as you have fun and love the features it provides. There are a lot more bots out there but in my opinion, these are the best, most famous and most trustworthy providing the best music playback quality.

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