Best office gadgets 2022: Top 10 picks for your desk

As we dig out and dust off our smart work clothes and say farewell to our dressing gowns, it’s time to think about office life. 

While there are lots of aspects to look forward to, there are possibly some parts you’re less excited about. Whether it’s birthday cake crumbs clogging your keyboard, or the afternoon lull that puts you to sleep, our list of office gadgets will help tackle those small frustrations and enhance life at your desk. 

So if you’re in need of a collapsible mouse, a snazzy new lunchbox or perhaps a desk lamp that charges your phone and wakes you up, our pick of the best office gadgets are here to liven up your 9 to 5.

The best office gadgets

2 in 1 headphone stand with wireless charger

headphone stand with wireless charger


It’s easy to get into the habit of carelessly chucking your beloved headphones on the desk after you’ve arrived into the office in a fluster, but perhaps they deserve more than that? 

This office desk gadget from Oakywood allows you to hang your headphones in style. We love the geometric, oak wood base which is surprisingly functional as it is a 10W wireless charger. Compatible with all Qi-enabled devices, you just need to pop your phone on the base and it charges as you work. This is a handcrafted item and you can even have it personalised so it would also make a lovely gift. 

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Buy the 2 in 1 headphone stand with wireless charger now from Oakywood

Smart backpack

Black smart backpack


Finding a practicable bag that is work (and after work drinks) appropriate isn’t always an easy task but with a padded laptop compartment, USB charging port and secret pockets for valuables, the Nordace Siena does the job nicely. There’s even a fleece-lined sunglasses compartment which is ideal for those of us who regularly lose or sit on our favourite pair of shades. 

This elegant rucksack also works well if you’re travelling by plane thanks to the luggage strap which slips onto your suitcase handle. This means you can keep all of your luggage in one place when you’re darting through the airport. 

The straightforward yet smart design is also available in beige, blue, green, red and grey. The bag’s inoffensive colours and style make it appropriate for a variety of outings.

Adjustable phone holder stand dock

Phone stand


Checking your phone at work, whether it’s to read the news, find a recipe, watch a film, make evening plans, or perhaps do even more work, is a lot easier with a stand. The non-slip grip tabs ensure your phone stays in place and the lightweight design makes it easy to carry to and from work. 

This handy office gadget holds an array of smartphones, even with heavy phone cases, so you won’t need to strip your phone of its unique style in order to prop it up.

The best feature, for everyone involved, is potentially the angle adjuster. This allows you to find the perfect position when you’re speaking to someone on a work call. There is no excuse for those up-the-nose or just-a-forehead shots we’ve all become accustomed to. 

Microsoft arc bluetooth wireless mouse

Sage Microsoft Wireless Mouse


Sage Microsoft Wireless Mouse


Have you ever fancied flattening your computer mouse and popping it in your pocket? Well, you are in luck. 

This nifty office gadget from Microsoft has a flexible design which straightens out for convenient packing. When flattened, the device switches off so you save power when it’s not in use. The mouse wakes up when you return it to its curved shape in your hand. Pretty neat. 

The Arc shapes itself to fit your palm, so this is very much your own personal office gadget. 

It requires Microsoft 10/8.1, has a wireless range of 5m in an office environment and connects through Bluetooth. The innovative full scroll plane allows you to scroll both horizontally and vertically, so practicality as well as appearance and comfort have all been taken into consideration here. 

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Vacuum insulated 2-In-1 nesting food bowls

S'well Insulated Teak Food Bowl


If you’ve not missed queuing for the microwave at lunch and making polite small talk about the wonders of leftovers, this could be the office, and kitchen, gadget for you.  

The nesting food bowls from S’well are ideal for food preppers. The triple-layered, vacuum-insulated exterior bowl holds the inner bowl and keeps contents cold for 11 hours and hot for 7, so you don’t have to deal with the faff of heating your lunch up in the office. 

The outer bowl is condensation and leak-free which are welcomed features. We’ve all reached for something in our bags to find it wearing last night’s dinner. 

Mini desk hoover

Mini Henry Desk Hoover


If you haven’t already been introduced, meet mini Henry the Hoover. 

Measuring just 10 by 6.5cm, this novelty office gadget picks up your biscuit and sandwich crumbs so you can have a clean workspace. It is powered by 2 AA batteries and has a bendy nozzle for those spots that tend to get missed by the duster. You can finally get rid of those infuriating bits of dust that sit on your keyboard and annoy you all day. 

Revolution focus standing desk balance board

Standing Desk Balance Board


While it may look like something you’d use as a means of getting to work, the standing desk balance board aims to keep you active while you’re at work. 

This balance board is a bit of a balancing act itself. It aims to enhance physical activity and engage your body but not to the extent that you lose focus. There are two parts: the durable board and the air cushion. The latter can be adjusted without a pump so once your balancing game improves, just add more air to increase the difficulty. 

If you can’t stand sitting at work, it looks like a way to add some fun energy to a mundane day in the office. And if you’re a daydreamer looking for an escape, you can pretend you’re drifting down a mountain on a snowboard rather than staring at a spreadsheet. 

Buy the revolution focus standing desk balance board now from Amazon 

Ember mug²

White Temperature Control Smart Mug


With such a hefty price tag, you’d be correct to think this quite ordinary-looking mug has magical powers. 

The Ember Mug² is a smart mug which not only keeps your coffee hot but allows you to set a specific drinking temperature using the Ember app on your phone. The app also notifies you when your cuppa has reached your preferred temperature. So there should be fewer burnt tongues and sad cold cups of tea in the office.  

With a built-in battery, your tailored brew stays at the selected temperature for 80 minutes which gives you plenty of time to get distracted in the office and forget you even made a cup of tea. You can even pop it on the charging coaster to keep it fuelled up and ready to go.

Someone pinching your mug at work just got that little bit more serious. 

Infinity cube fidget

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy


When the coffee is not kicking in (even if it is the perfect temperature) and you can feel the power of the fidget brewing in your hands, sometimes we need something to reach for. Slightly different to the classic Rubik’s Cube design, the Infinity Cube Fidget rotates at any angle from all directions and opens up like a book. 

You can use it on your break to take a breather from an infuriating task or you may find it improves your focus when you’re tackling a particularly tricky task. 

It’s a simple yet fun office toy to keep in your drawer but once spotted, it’s pretty likely your office neighbour will ask for a shot so be prepared to share.

Groov-e ares LED desk lamp with wireless charging pad & clock

Black desk lamp with charger


The Swiss Army knife of desk lamps, this office gadget has many functions. 

We’ll start with the LED lamp. It has five brightness levels as well as three different light modes to choose from, so whether you need to be woken up by a bright light or fancy a dim evening glow, you’re a bit spoilt for choice. 

The base of the lamp is a 5W wireless phone charger which is always convenient to have in the office. All you need to do is place your device on the base. 

The stem has an LCD display which tells you the time and the date. It also works as an alarm clock so if your office naps are getting out of control, you can set an alarm to make sure you don’t miss your meeting. This feature also makes this a suitable bedside lamp. 

It doesn’t stop there. If you’re curious about the temperature – and let’s face it, that’s always a hot topic when it comes to office chat – the multi-purposed gadget tells you that too. 

And as well as having so many features, it’s a pretty pleasant addition to the desk with the faux leather finish giving it a smart look. Ok and one more thing, it is collapsible, so you can fold it away, making it very easy to transport. 

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