Best student printers for 2021

The best student printers are perfect for printing homework and getting information in hardcopy, whether it’s for kids in grade school or adults in grad school. Whether you want the best affordable printer or the best laser printer for students, a printer is essential for today’s learning environment, where the research may be online, but the assignments may need to be handed in physically, or whenever a professor’s presentation needs a good markup for your notes.

The world may be going paperless, but the classroom often lags behind, making a good printer a must-have for the start of the school year. So skip the trip to Kinkos or the pay-per-page printer at your school library by outfitting yourself with one of the best printers for students. When you need to hand in a paper, print a report, put together a project or prep a presentation, having your own printer to do it on will make hitting those due dates a lot less nerve-wracking.

What are the best student printers?

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